About Me:

Rachel Reed, The Lake Country Mom

Hi! I am Rachel, founder here at The Lake Country Mom. A hyper-local blog based in southeast WI. We live in the heart of the lake country area in Wisconsin. It is such an amazing place to live and raise your children. The beauty of the lakes, trails, rivers, parks astonish me daily. The community is full of hometown pride. Each little town and city that make up all of lake country is proud to be a part of it.  In the past several years, especially after becoming a mom, finding the farmers markets, attending grand openings, trying new restaurants, shopping at the newest local businesses, trying new services for my family-overall, sharing my experiences with each of them.

Doing all those things and then sharing who, what, where, when and why with friends and family. I have taken my love for the lake country area, for families, for the community,  for writing reviews, for sharing my stories, and put it all in one place. Welcome to The Lake Country Mom. I am excited to show you how to live life locally since 2013!

What type of things do I write about?

I am a lifestyle blogger who has literally grown up in the lake country area in Wisconsin. I write about new places to try, whether it may be a place to play, to see, or to eat! I focus on the family. I keep an extensive up to date event calendar, which includes things to do in southeast Wisconsin, with a main focus on Waukesha county. From play groups, story time, festivals, concerts, special events, trick or treat times, parades, school’s out deals, and so much more! I want to be the authentic source on the internet for families in Milwaukee, Waukesha counties and beyond! (southeast WI.) I stay up to date, and keep up with the latest news and happenings locally! I love trying new places and telling everyone about them! I love writing reviews. I always give my honest opinion, I also share about my family life, local events, new businesses, local guides, thoughts of motherhood, and most importantly—I let everyone know where to find all the fun! I keep all of my content relative and personal just for you!

Why do I blog?

I blog for every parent…who has heard “I’m bored.” one too many times. I run this local blog for every mom who needs to venture out and reach her inner creative woman every once in awhile. I blog for every dad or caregiver who feels overwhelmed and for every couple that needs a fresh dose of fun!