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The Lake Country Mom is a community-based/ hyper-local website and mom / parenting lifestyle blog. The focus is to assist its readers with events and help support and stimulate local business, we also invite our readers to explore new places & locate local events with our extensive event calendar that is updated daily. We exclusively focus on Southeastern Wisconsin area businesses and happenings to create a ‘go-to’ guide for our readers. With this in mind, the daily traffic and interaction between our readers has grown substantially since its inception in July of 2013.


Advertising On Our Lake Country Event Blog:

 As long as it’s appropriate for our audience and engages our readers; we can work with any company, large or small, event, etc.  We are currently offering ad space on the blog’s home page and event calendar. We currently receive thousands of hits per month & have a large following which creates exposure for any business or upcoming activity.  We are also heavily active in various social media and sponsor our pages for growth utilizing social media campaigns to drive traffic to our website/blog. 

Our reach goes beyond this blog, beyond our social media outlets. We have an amazing team of bloggers, made up of incredible women. Each one with a niche, different careers, involved with different clubs, each involved in our collective communities. What we do is talk about what we love and what we are working on, what we believe in. Our team makes up a large circle of influence + this is what we strive for.

Our sponsors & advertisers have expressed their joy and satisfaction with the traffic and recognition they receive from The Lake Country Mom. Plainly, a great way to advertise to our particular demographic. Please review below to learn more or reach out to discuss. We would love for you to advertise and share in our success as you increase your overall web traffic!

“There’s plenty of research to back up the potential power of mommy bloggers. Mothers (our number one reader) are estimated to be responsible for $2.1 trillion of U.S. consumer spending, controlling about 80 percent of household expenditures, according to BSM Media. They’re also active online: 87 percent use the Web regularly, per comScore. What’s more, 60 percent of their online conversations — the type of discussions also heard at playgrounds everywhere — include a mention of brands or products, according to a study done last year by BabyCenter and Keller Fay Group.” (see more on this study HERE)


Take it from the testimonials:

  • The Lake Country Mom took my classes from an average of 3 kids to 15 kids!
  • This was the best investment for my shop, what a powerful platform you have over there!
  • Moms of lake country know where to go when they are looking for a recommendation, that’s The Lake Country Mom!
  • I was trying so hard to get the word out about my event, I tried everything, then I hired The Lake Country Mom team-WOW! Thank you so so much!
  • The power of influence they say. This is what The Lake Country Mom has done for us!
  • The talent, the passion, the heart of lake country. The Lake Country Mom knows how to help us small businesses out. 

Requirements & Options:

Provide a jpeg image / logo for us to feature within the ad space. If you require an ad created, we have an excellent “in-house” graphic designer that can assist you for an additional fee. Once the ad has been reviewed for placement, we will require a proper URL / web address the ad should redirect to for paid / site sponsored traffic.

How do you pay?

We prefer you to purchase your advertising space HERE. For those prices not listed below-just contact us for invoicing. 

If you have questions before you purchase, please send us an email! 

How it Works:

You secure your advertising buy purchasing your spot or post, HERE. No refunds can be made after payment has been received. There is no contract involved – you may stay for one month or as many months as you wish, but site sponsorship is on a first come – first served basis. Once your advertisement is up for renewal, we will notify you by email to see if you would like to continue.

We reserve the right to change sponsorship details (current sponsors would receive notice and the offer to continue with new requirements or not), and cannot guarantee any number of clicks or provide details/reports to sponsors.

Sponsorship Cost Options:

Ad Space | $95 per month | 300 px x 250 px  | Located on front page of website/blog


Featured on front page of website as sponsor

URL linked ad & directed to your website

Ad fully designed by in-house graphic designer or your own

Social media posts when appropriate, at least two posts on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest will be shared.

If you are advertising an event, it will be added to the Event Calendar.


 Sponsored Blog Post | $155

“Our most popular choice!” 

Sponsored blog post

Featured sponsored blog post to showcase your business, product, event, review or service. You provide the information & (3-4) photos and associated links to your website and social media outlets. The blog post will be on The Lake Country Mom website and will be shared on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest when appropriate, at least once. This is your chance to share any information on your business such as; location, what you have to offer, how to find you, promotions, sales, let the readers know about your product or service and more. The possibilities are endless.

Blog post will comply with FTC guidelines using full disclosure.

Example: “This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. I received compensation in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.”


The 6 Month “DEAL” Bundle | See price below



Sponsored blog post

175 px X 175 px Ad + 1 sponsored blog post: buy 5 months, get 6th month free
Includes all listed above under ad space + sponsored blog post.

Original price $720, DEAL Price: Buy 5 months $95, get one FREE,
plus get included sponsored blog post: $550

SAVE $170! 

Event Calendar Ad Space | $100 | 300 px X 250 px Ad:
(only two spots open each month) 


Featured on the top of our event calendar as a sponsor

URL linked ad & directed to your website

Ad fully designed by in-house graphic designer or your own

Social media posts when appropriate, at least two posts on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest will be shared.

If you are advertising an event, it will be added to the Event Calendar.


Social Media Sharing | Ask about pricing to fit your needs / budget:

Featured on our social media outlets:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or Pinterest (all and/or your choice)

It will include website links and/or your social media page tagged

Tailored to your needs, desires + ideas!


Facebook and/or Instagram REELS / TikTok promo videos 
inquire about further info 

Featured “Guides” Entries!

Have your local business entered in one of our local, appropriate guides on our blog/site and shared on social media. Inquire with us for openings + pricing.


Official Southeast Wisconsin Fish Fry Guide by The Lake Country Mom
Official Southeast Wisconsin Steak Guide by The Lake Country Mom
Official Southeast Wisconsin Birthday Guide by The Lake Country Mom
Southeast WI Supper Clubs
Top local home builders
Top pediatric providers
Top dentists in lake country
more coming soon 


mom blog

Our newest + most adored option is the
“Join our Community” annual campaign

When you join The Lake Country Mom Community, you will be featured as a “most loved,” business, which will include and not limited to:

Featured Listing on our Most Loved / Community page

Featured among/across our social media outlets all year long: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok-what makes most sense- if you need something promoted during the year, send it our way.

If you are having an event/any events, we will include them on our Event calendar, just let us know.

If we feature any blog posts that match your business and/or event we will include you in them! Example: Top 10 lists, Places to go for_____, and many other ideas.

Special partnerships + the strength of building a community. All year long we will feature businesses / products / services / events we think our readers will love. 

Criteria: Local, family friendly. Watch for these businesses throughout our social media platforms, in our blog posts, guides + more. All year they will bring you the latest information, updates + deals! You will not want to miss out!

Cost: $575 / one year 

Barter Collaborations 

Brands and local businesses contact us to try their product, service and/or experience. You then decide what they want us to share and/or talk about. We want to share our story about the experience with you. 

We can do this in way of blog posts, social media sharing, videos, newsletters, exchange for ad space, etc. 

You as the business gets the exposure from our audience. It’s an exchange for you service/product for our review and word of mouth. If you are invested in this, contact us and we can chat. 


If you require further assistance or would like to inquire, please send us a message.

To secure your spot for any advertising option, visit us HERE

Thank-you! We are so excited to collaborate with you!