The Official Southeast WI Fish Fry Guide

by The Lake Country Mom

Fish fry in Wisconsin

A Friday night fish fry in Wisconsin is a cherished tradition, especially in small towns and local communities. The scene typically unfolds at a family-run restaurant or a local tavern, buzzing with a friendly and casual atmosphere. The menu stars beer-battered fish, commonly perch, or cod, deep-fried to golden perfection. The fish is often accompanied by sides like coleslaw, rye bread, and French fries or potato pancakes, with tartar sauce, lemon wedges on the side and applesauce. 

The air is filled with frying fish, and the sounds of lively conversations and laughter! People of all ages gather, from families enjoying a meal together to friends catching up over a pint of local beer or an old-fashioned. The decor is usually a homely feel, often adorned with local memorabilia and simple, rustic furnishings with tribute to Wisconsin. 

It’s more than just a meal, it’s a weekly social event, a time for community bonding and relaxation at the end of the workweek. The tradition reflects Wisconsin’s cultural heritage, blending its agricultural roots, love for good, hearty food, and the simple pleasures of life.

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