struggling with the morning hustle | 4 tips to help

I recently heard on the radio that a parent spends an average of 10 hours per week getting kids ready and out the door.  In other words, we’re spending more than an hour of our day tracking down the lost sock, wrestling arms into jackets, and filling up snack cups.  

I have been really struggling with the morning hustle lately.  By the time I arrive at work at 8:00a, I have already worked up a legitimate sweat getting my kids ready, fed, and off to school.  Before I even settle in behind my desk, I’ve already spent close to two hours doing all the morning things.

Then, I got to thinking.  How many other parents are struggling too?  How many other moms and dads are busting their butts just to get out the door and bust their butts?  The morning hustle is so very real, and, lately, it has been throwing off my day. If my day starts off chaotic and crazy, my morning seems to follow suit.  

So, I decided to take this to a (very public) forum, and set some new standards for our morning routine.  Here are four things I am going to start to do in order to fight the morning battle in hopes of a calm work day:

  1. Make lunches (both theirs and mine) the night before as I am cleaning up after dinner.  As I pick up dinner dishes, I will build sandwiches and fill water bottles to kill the proverbial two birds with one stone.
  2. Move the sock storage down to a closet near the door.  We can tackle socks and shoes at one time. Most mornings I am huffing and puffing up and down the steps grabbing things I have forgotten.  Most days, it’s the socks.
  3. Make a “grab-and-go” style breakfast area in the pantry.  We have a considerable morning commute, so my kiddos eat on the go.  Instead of settling for the sugary cereals or pre-packaged bakery items, my goal will be to create a space in the pantry (at arm’s reach) so my girls can take a yummy, healthy breakfast item on their own.
  4. Empty and pack up backpacks and work bags and line them in the hallway.  That way, we can literally just grab them as we walk out the door.

Now that I’ve put my goals out there, I hope you can hold me to them.  Check in with me to see if I’m getting any better at the morning stuff.  Even if I implement one of these items, I know my mornings will be less chaotic.  It can’t get any worse, right?

Megan Karabon
the lake country momHi!  I’m Megan—a thirty-something working mama living in Waukesha. During the day, I am a middle school teacher in the Hamilton School District. In the evenings, I am chef, chauffeur, and activities director for my little family. I am married to my awesome husband, Christopher, and together we have two girls, Lily and Eva. I am currently enrolled in a masters program at Carroll University and plan to be finished with my MEd in summer 2020. I am a Disney fanatic, total Cheesehead, and a reality TV junkie! I love exploring all of what Lake Country has to offer, especially riding the abundant bike trails and trying out new restaurants. // Facebook / Instagram

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