IKEA Oak Creek is NOW OPEN!

Anxious to see what’s going on inside the Oak Creek IKEA store? Yeah, we were too, until we got to see it! Lucky for us, we were invited to a special press preview event and learned ALL OF THE THINGS and saw ALL OF THE THINGS! And let me tell you… because we weren’t able to buy anything, I have a HUGE list of things I need, new inspiration and I’ll definitely be one of those crazies waiting in line for the grand opening!



You have a few DAYS……. Yeah, you heard me!  IKEA in Oak Creek, WI is NOW OPEN as of May 16th, 2018! With the parking lot opening at 5:00am and the line starting immediately, you’ll want to get there before the doors open at 9:00am! Oh, and don’t forget your kiddos! The first 200 children through the doors get a giveaway! How fun!


For you adults who either aren’t bringing your kids or don’t have any to bring, find one! No, I’m kidding, but you don’t have to worry because there are giveaways for you, too! The first 1,000 adults receive a drawstring bag with all kinds of goodies inside, one of those goodies being a gift card!


All day long there will be various different drawing and raffles, so if you happen to be person 1,001, you still have a chance to win something! Every hour there will be 2 winners of a $250 gift card! Uhhhhh, what?! That covers my new favorite chair AND MULTIPLE PILLOWS! Count me in!

In addition to all of those giveaways and the drawings, there is a $500, $1,500 and $2,000 gift card raffle that’ll give you a chance to win! That’s almost a kitchen remodel by IKEA, oh my!


There will be so much to do, so much to see and so much to buy! Make it a family event and spend the day at IKEA getting your face painted, a cool balloon hat and dancing to the DJ while you nosh on some of the food they provide in the restaurant.



If this isn’t one of the first things you notice, you’ll have at least read it here first… there are actually parking spots right by the entrance designated to families! If you’re pregnant with your first, on to your second or even fifth, IKEA has a parking spot reserved for you. You can imagine how easy coming and going is when you’re parked in the front row. When was the last time that happened? Never? Remember that time you had to park all the way at the back of the lot to run in to the grocery store for milk because 1 of your 3 children needed it before bedtime? Or how about when it’s just so happened to start raining while you were leaving the mall and you didn’t bring the stroller with? Oh! IKEA has strollers for you to use too….


If you children meet the requirements (potty trained, out of diapers, and height requirements), you can check them in to Small Land for the duration of your shopping trip. WOW! A store with a built-in babysitter! I’m in!

Small Land is a kid-friendly space with a ball pit, arts, crafts and even a shortened toilet with smaller toilet paper to make their bathroom experience without you THAT MUCH EASIER. Pheww! If there happens to be a problem, you’re paged with a buzzer like one you’d get while waiting at a restaurant. This allows the caregivers to contact you without having you announce your name over the loud speaker because your child was the one who ended up with a bloody nose after doing something he shouldn’t have been… Tommy!


Throughout the store there are family restrooms, strollers and play towers. One of my favorite parts of the kitchen was that there was a bottle warming station for you and the baby!



IKEA is all about convenience. Whether that’s building everything yourself, Handy Mandy, having everything you want picked for you while you’re still at the store, delivered to your home and set aside in a room out of the way, or even coming to discuss plans for a remodel, designing it, delivering and installing it.

Although there are shipping fees, they’re reasonable compared to other places who may charge by weight. At IKEA, they charge by distance. Those of you who are in the metro area, there’s a $29 shipping fee, which grows by $10 increments the further out you are. I ordered some things once from the Schaumburg, IL location to be delivered to my home which was a $200-something delivery fee. However, that won’t be the case any longer with having this location MUCH closer to home! Ah! Dangerous!


I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to get a sneak peak of this beautiful, new IKEA store and hope that every one of you reading this are excited to pay them a visit soon. I promise you will not be disappointed, even if it’s just a girls “window” shopping trip.


Photos: 10 Eleven Photography

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