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What if I told you that most of us have a longing for more. Not just you. But all of us. Even the woman who has the house, the husband, the kids, the perfect clothes, the perfect career. She even wants more. Even the single girl with a scholarship working hard for her degree she has long desired. She wants more. The teenage girl who has all the friends, the straight A’s, the best wardrobe. She wants more. The grandmother, the matriarch of her family, loved by her children and grandchildren, who attends book clubs, goes for a daily walk, with a loving husband. She wants more. More what? What are most of us longing for? More zest for life? A hobby? A dream she gave up on that one time?

Do we want more things? More experiences? More life? More ways to make a difference? Life is so much more than “things.” It’s my belief humans long for more, because it is hard for us to settle for what we have, maybe there is something out there I should be spending my time seeing or doing. It is my belief we all have “things” we do, that perhaps we should spend less time on and things we have passions for, we should spend more time on.

Is there a dream you have? Do you want to have a different career? Do you want to start a business? Do you want to write or take photos? Do you want to be more active? Do you want to be the best mom that you can be? Maybe you have things in your life, really good things. But maybe you don’t see how good you are at those things. Do you feel unfulfilled, dissatisfied? Are you constantly on a quest for something new or to feel better? Is it in your relationships? Does it come from a place where you truly felt something the lit you on fire, and you never acted on it? Heck, all of us different. It looks differently for all of us. Some might want something more tangible, a new car, or something as simple as wanting one hour a day to workout or wanting to drink coffee along in the morning before anyone gets up. Those are concrete, tangible goals. Sometimes it is hard to make these things happen, yet possible.

The quest I believe most of are on, is the quest for a dream to achieve. A desire to do more, be more, love more, reach more, see more, offer more, give more, the idea of making a difference. It could be as simple as finding a hobby that lights you on fire. Only you will know.

We are in a pursuit for happiness, right? The chase of the pursuit makes us question ourself, makes us compare one another. Why is it that my chase takes longer than hers? But, the chase is what keeps us motivated to keep going. But what is it that makes us happy? What are we longing for? What happens when we get there? What happens if we don’t? Maybe it is a spiritual connection you desire or need? Maybe you are content with who you are now, and that is great and powerful.

A lot to think about, this is what I do. I am a daydreamer. I always tell people, “don’t quit your daydream.” I am the woman on the hunt for something more all of the time. I have a beautiful family, both immediate and extended, I have a great career that I love as a nurse, I fulfill my passion writing for this blog and connecting with an amazing community. I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a cousin, a friend, an employee, a co-worker, a neighbor, a creator, a girlfriend, a fighter + so much more. My most important role on the Earth is my role as a mother. Being a mom is fulfilling, rewarding, challenging, hard, easy, emotional + magical. In all of these roles, I am the same person, yet I try to be the best version of me for each role I fulfill. All these people in my life are a gift, my job is a gift, my life is a gift. They are all more than enough. I cannot speak for anyone but myself.

I think this is what we all do. But we cannot forgot to be the best person we can be for ourselves, and in turn we hope that we will have the drive, the motivation, the power to keep on our pursuit of happiness, and once we get there we stay consistent, and know that longing of contentment is normal.

Rachel Reed, founder of The Lake Country Mom
Hello! I started this blog as a hobby in 2013, and it has surpassed all of my dreams and more ever since. I never imagined I would need help from other amazing women. I was delighted to bring in strong, supportive, encouraging women each with a different passion, writing style, background as a full team of contributing bloggers. Thank you for supporting our dreams + mission.

We love you, Lake Country!

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