Christmas Cookie Exchange | Annual Family Tradition

Christmas cookies! Tons of them. Sprinkles, frostings, nuts, chocolate chips, and peppermint, oh my! Each year all of the girls in my family on my mom’s side get together right before Christmas adorned in a custom made matching holiday apron made by my grandma! Basically, we each bring a dozen cookies (we make them at home) for each person participating and we bring the recipe to share. We each have a book we add the new recipes to each year. This way each of of us gets to enjoy an assortment of Christmas cookies without the hassle of baking them all! While we are at the cookie exchange, we do not bake any cookies, whoever is hosting the exchange for the year makes a batch of sugar cookies for us all to decorate. Together we laugh while we decorate, and make fun of each other’s decorating skills. We also have apps and lunch while we are there as well. It’s an afternoon of fun!

Annual Cookie Exchange • The Lake Country Mom

Snapshots of our annual cookie exchange!

Here is my RECIPE from last year, for No Bake Peanut Butter Snow Balls!

We love you, Lake Country!

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