Pampering ourselves at Anthony Vince Nail Spa

Labor Day has come and gone and with it comes Pumpkin Spice everything, sweaters, and boots…..well eventually. It’s still rather warm outside and will be for some time. So don’t unpack those boots just yet and take a little time to pamper yourself (and maybe your little ones)—you deserve it.

I love getting pedicures—I would get them bi-weekly if I could afford it. My feet always end up so much better looking after time at the salon than anything I could recreate at home. I’m not a picky person when it comes to my pedicures–just get in there and exfoliate, hydrate, massage, and paint.

This year, my husband and I decided to provide more experiences for gifts for the girls and less presents. They really don’t need another toy sitting on a shelf downstairs and they have so much available to them at their fingertips. We decided we needed to provide them things the internet cannot and did a little research to find just the right gifts.

Our main Christmas gifts to the girls was fuzzy slippers, mini manicure sets, and a gift certificate for a pedicure. Neither have ever had an official pedicure, just foot soaks at home with a polish to follow. They were so excited and a little nervous to have a stranger touch their feet, but I think I was pretty convincing when I shared with them how heavenly I find it.  They wanted to go right away, but I told them that when you spend the money on pretty feet, you want to show them off; so we waited until the weather vastly improved and sandal season arrived.

We decided on a nice warm day to head over to The Corners and check out Anthony Vince Nail Spa. I found on their website they offer child pedicures, and with Samantha only being eight years old, I appreciated not being charged the full price for her tiny feet. And of course I was getting one with them–I wasn’t just going to sit by and watch!

I made the appointment about a week in advance so that we would all be able to go at the same time. The girls loved the wall of nail colors to choose from and spent a decent amount of time deciding. Once colors were finally chosen, we were walked back to our chairs which we were in a semi-private area for just the three of us to enjoy. I’m pretty sure that the spa could handle a couple dozen pedicures at once during the busy season, they had so many areas available.

Our nail techs were amazing and talked to the girls a bit about life and the fun day we planned and then got down to business. We were filed, massaged, hot toweled, flip flopped, and polished. I did warn them that parts of it could tickle and we all laughed at least once when they touched our feet just right. And the girls got to experience the massaging chairs. I kept this as a surprise, but at the end, I asked the techs to paint a flower on each girls’ big toe for a little extra fun.  When it was done, I asked if they would go again and without hesitation they both said yes! Now I know a fun treat to get the girls and tell others as gifts for them.

And mommas, remember to treat yourself too! A few friends from high school and I still get together and recently did a pedicure and then grabbed dinner. It was such a relaxing experience for all of us, we want to make that a more regular get-together. I don’t know many ladies that don’t enjoy a pedicure, and certain places, like Anthony Vince, even offer adult libations to enjoy while you are being pampered! So before boot weather comes, make an appointment and pamper your toes!

Anthony Vince’ Nail Spa
Corners of Brookfield
290 Lord St.
Brookfield, WI 53045

Ph: 262-505-6571
Please click here for service menu.


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