Did you ever want to start a blog?

Starting a blog? Wanted to start a blog? Have a website, but perhaps want to add a blog? Perhaps you want to dabble into being an influencer? Maybe just write about your life, pick a niche, start a dream…. whatever it maybe, you have to start somewhere.

Real life: When I started The Lake Country Mom, I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I just started from scratch, I read, I watched videos, I started to write and share. I learned a lot. I messed up a lot. I created a lot. I have had huge successes and major fails.

I get so many messages about starting a blog and where to begin. The the thing that most makes sense was to create a course, and e-course for you that you can access at anytime + we also created a FREE Facebook group support group for those who join the course.

We would sure LOVE to help get you to your dream. You and your future are worth it.

You have to start somewhere…

Join our course now!

Ever wonder how to start a blog? We re-vamped our course, easier to follow and now more affordable. Download right away for easy viewing!


Once purchased, you may join our FREE Facebook support group to collaborate with Rachel + fellow students:

Meet the founder of The Lake Country Mom
Rachel Reed

Hello! I started this blog as a hobby in 2013, and it has surpassed all of my dreams and more ever since. I never imagined I would need help from other amazing women. I was delighted to bring in strong, supportive, encouraging women each with a different passion, writing style, background as a full team of contributing bloggers. Thank you for supporting our dreams + mission.

We love you, Lake Country!

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