I found out I had Lyme disease.

Yesterday while sitting watching TV and petting my Golden retriever I was quickly reminded it’s Tick season. Passing my hand over his shoulder I hit a new bump in his skin, sure as day, a nice big swollen tick had embedded himself into my humble dog. My dogs stay in pretty much in a fenced in yard in a populated town in a city subdivision, so my only guess is the spring rabbits or squirrels wandering around have shared their friends with my yard.

On a human level, I too have been a feast for a few ticks. In my naive younger self, I figured like most people; just pick them off with a tweezer or heat them with a blown out match stick and these buggers will be gone. Not so fast….In a long and drawn out twist of circumstances, last year, after about 10 years of being misdiagnosed with many other ailments, I found out I had Lyme disease.

I’m not sure my story will be any different than anyone else’s, except to say that currently, doctors ( or at least the bevy of them I have gone to ) have not found a consistent way of treating Lyme disease other then oral antibiotics, which if you are a Lyme’s suffer, you already know, the chance of that helping, when its taken years to diagnose the disease, is rare. Long term Lyme’s or “chronic Lyme’s reemerges, changes and is very difficult to treat and cure.

Currently, Lyme’s Disease is on the rise. This year the CDC has projected a record-breaking year is ahead of us. There are many signs symptoms and the co-infections that go with Lyme’s Disease is what makes is such a shitty diagnosis. Add to the fact that the bacteria that causes Lyme’s will mutate and hide in your tissue to “protect“ itself from treatments. Education and knowing what to look for are critical. If you show any symptoms, ask your doctor right away for a Lyme’s test! A quick diagnosis is critical in my opinion. The more quickly you can get diagnosed the better your chances are. Please also note that about ½ the people in the study did NOT have the typical bulls-eye rash. I didn’t.

I am sharing with you a study that just came out on what Lyme’s is, the symptoms it causes, the co-infections it partners with and treatments that many people are finding helpful. I participated in this study, gave up my lab results and became one of the 12,000 others that help bring this information to light. Please share and be informed.

Pamela Reinemann
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