Duffy Boat!

Have you seen all of the buzz around lake country about the Oconomowoc Duffy boats? Do you know what a duffy boat is?

Well! Let me tell you, as we got to experience one with friends + family!

First, what is a Duffy Boat and what to expect? 

Duffy Boats are 100% Electric Powered which means, they create no pollution or emissions into the water. As a byproduct they run silent so music and conversation is amplified! You get to cruise on a brand new 2022 Duffy 22′ Sun Cruiser. Boats can fit up to 12 passengers. They are easy to drive.  There is a sun deck on the back, and the windows zip up and down to make it a perfect boating experience in any weather.

Where do we start?

Downtown Oconomowoc Dock. Check in at Vino Etcetera to get the boat keys, and they will walk down and help you launch the boat into Fowler Lake!

Good Times on the Water

Pick up a clean boat right in downtown Oconomowoc for a  90 minute cruise. These boats are easy to drive. Are 100% electric powered and certified zero emissions. This means they are good for keep the waterways clean of pollution and emissions but it also amplifies the boat experience by removing the gas smell and most importantly the engine noise.

Our experience:

We started the day by checking in at Vino, and greeted by happy staff that led us down to our boat, they explained the rules, how to drive, and gave us some tips + tricks to set us up for success. We had lots of common questions (that most of you will have) -they answered right on the spot!


We had 12 people, and one was our driver. You pick your driver- or you can be the driver! (we will post the rules in FAQS) We ‘BYOB’, and they provided a cooler full of ice. You can bluetooth in with your own music from your phone-you decide what and how much fun you can have. We hopped in, cranked the music, popped some cold drinks and started to cruise. We set a time for 90 mins ahead of time so we would know when to be back.
It was easy driving, it was smooth and quiet. We cruised Fowler Lake and beeped our horn and said hello to people on shore, we even saw a wedding party! It was a blast. We drank, we danced, we laughed, we told stories, it was a unique experience.
I highly recommend renting a Duffy Boat before summer runs out.
See our video for in-action look at our fun.
Thanks for reading!   -Rachel, The Lake Country Mom
Here are those FAQS I spoke about.

Book now and/or more info here. 

We love you, Lake Country!

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