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If you know anything about us over at this blog, you know that we love all things local. We always encourage you to shop local in our community. We love the idea of eating at locally owned restaurants, shopping at locally owned businesses! We truly believe when you keep your dollars local, our community thrives. We have supported and encouraged tons of local business owners to reach for their dreams. So, when we learned about the fellas over at ‘nalytix and their new app coming out ‘nroote-we were intrigued! We just had to learn more.


Create immersive local experiences.
Connect to your community through us.

What is this all about, you ask? 

A location based mobile app that gives the community members access to the happenings around. Members, interact directly with other members and local businesses. Play “Live” and capture personalized, time sensitive promotions from local businesses. Share, rate and recommend experiences. Earn points and redeem them for rewards.

Well, that was the fancy description-but let us explain the way we understand. The app will be local, their flagship town is Hartland-eventually they will be growing in cities and towns all over. Anyway, you download the app for free { Apple or Google } and you will find the town’s businesses specials, find local events, and so much more!

Even better, Hartland is kicking off Mother’s Day week, and you can find all the deals + events in Hartland via the ‘nroote app!

Hartland Chamber of Commerce and Nalytix have come together with businesses of Hartland to “Celebrate the Mothers Of Lake Country”. A #firstofitskind #omnichannel community experience with promotions and events from May 6th to May 12th.
Mothers Skate Free promotion from Howard G. Mullett Ice Center will be available on May 4th. Download Hartland’s ‘nroote app and join us!

Watch this!

They recently partnered with Hartland’s Chamber of Commerce and are launching a Mother’s Day campaign to make Hartland a destination for all families in and around Lake Country and more ambitiously, Southeastern Wisconsin, with the simple goal of “Honoring Mothers of Lake Country”. With their platform families will be able to find and participate in events and promotions all centered on a common theme and focused on local engagements. Their dream is to inspire people all around SE Wisconsin to experience Mother’s Day in Hartland with events and promotions taking place on the first 12 days of May! How fun!

More about ‘nalytix + ‘nroote 

‘nalytix (pronounced analytics) is a startup that brings the power of modern technology and data analytics to small and medium size brick and mortar businesses of the community. By leveraging real-time, real world data, customer characteristics and customer acquisition models, our platform is able to connect customers with businesses in real-time. Modern day technologies and data driven predictability are options only available to eCommerce businesses and large corporations. Our vision is to empower local brick and mortar businesses with the same capabilities, to create connected communities with mobile apps and local experiences.

Bring people and businesses closer together by connecting the community. Create awareness, visibility and open communication. Instill a sense of belonging and loyalty. Support social and economic development from within.


Driving local growth and engagement is the core mission of our platform. Watch people interact with your business or the community, measure engagement, learn the likes and dislikes of the members of the community and fine tune operations to create a cycle of continuous improvement.


Know your customers and the community, learn their likes and dislikes, give them customized services. Chain activities to create personalized experiences for every individual, across the community.

an intro to how it all works

Although this is sponsored blog post, meaning The Lake Country Mom was compensated to feature this information-we only will post about products, businesses and services we love, tried and would use in our own families.

We love you, Lake Country!

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