5 Self Care Tips to Try in 2021 + Local Resources

It’s pretty safe to say that 2020 was a tough year for moms. From virtual learning and working at home to missing in-person time with friends and family, navigating the pandemic’s effects on top of daily life hasn’t been easy for anyone. 

Going into 2021, it’s as important as ever for moms to take care of ourselves and get the rest and recharging we need to feel like our best, whole people – whatever that looks like for you. Here are some ways you can work self-care into your life this year and take care of yourself as well as you do the people you love! 

1.  Schedule Your Self Care 

Whatever form of self-care you decide to prioritize for yourself, make the time to do it, and then protect that time. 

However much time you’re able to set aside for yourself, commit to making that time yours. Block it off in your work calendar or write it in a red “don’t mess with this” Sharpie on your family schedule. Just be sure to give yourself a window to do something that makes you feel good.

I know, it’s easier said than done. As moms, everyone else’s needs tend to take center stage in our daily lives. But you have to remember: Your well-being is essential. As the old saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” So, carve out self-care, make yourself a priority, and start filling that cup.

2. Move Your Body

I know exercise is a pretty obvious way for anyone to take care of themselves, and one you probably hear everywhere. The thing is, exercise doesn’t have to be a huge commitment of your time or hard-earned money. You can do it anytime and anywhere that works best for you.

Fitting even just 20 minutes of movement into your day will make a difference in your mental and physical health. Whether you choose to join a gym or find classes you can do at home, there are countless options out there.

A local option, VIBE Yoga, Health & Fitness Studio in Waukesha, has fitness and yoga classes in-studio as well as virtually and on-demand. From your living room (or anywhere else!), you can watch or stream your choice of cardio-blasting fitness or rejuvenating yoga classes. 

3. Get Organized

Getting organized might not sound like a form of self-care, but hear me out! Self-care isn’t just about doing things to make you feel good in the moment. It’s also about doing things your future self will thank you for. Tasks, routines, and projects that make you feel more focused, calm, and in control of your life are constructive ways to protect your mental and emotional well-being.

You can start with something as small as updating your day planner or calendar with your family’s activities and appointments. You can also do a task as simple as cleaning up that one cluttered drawer (we all have one… or three) or scanning your closet for clothes you can donate.

If you want to take on a more significant organizing project, like your pantry, more power to you! There are tons of great tips and resources for setting up tidy and efficient systems online. Bring on the Pinterest inspiration. 

And if you want the job done but aren’t up for a bigger organizing project, you can outsource it to a local service. The Brittish Way is a Milwaukee-based professional organizing service that specializes in decluttering and organizing your home. Owner Britt Blackwelder caters to Lake Country clients and shares tons of drool-worthy examples of her work on her Instagram and Facebook.

4. Find Encouragement

The past year presented so many challenges that it would be understandable for anyone, especially moms, to struggle with navigating life as we know it. Whether you see a professional for help or get inspiration and guidance from your favorite authors or thought leaders, hearing encouragement and motivation in any form is helpful.

Several local moms have podcasts that address many of the issues Lake Country moms deal with. Jenna Overbough is a licensed therapist in Oconomowoc who hosts the “All The Hard Things” podcast. It covers a full range of topics that so many of us can relate to, from postpartum and mom guilt to depression and divorce. 

Lake Country Mom contributor Melissa Etzler is a life coach whose podcast “Self Coaching for Success” helps female business owners develop the right mindset for success. Her show features conversations about handling stress, setting goals, believing in yourself, and more. 

5. Pamper Yourself (When You Can)

As much as a weekly trip to the spa would do us all some good, for most moms, that’s simply not possible. That’s why finding ways to pamper yourself at home is so important to helping you relax and find some solace in your busy life. 

If you’re someone who loves breathing in a calming or therapeutic scent, local candle makers Lake Country Candle Co. sell a fantastic and calming Lavender+Sage+Eucalyptus candle. It’s perfect for lighting at the end of a chaotic day, or even in the midst of one! You can check out their products during their Open House on January 31 at their Oconomowoc location.

Sometimes a nice long and hot bath (or short and efficient, ‘cause kids) can be just the calming retreat you need. Waukesha skincare and home decor business Wren & Rayne LLC makes amazing scrubs and face masks you can use to treat your face and body to a little spoiling. Their products are sold at Mountain Top Coffee in Waukesha and on their Etsy shop.

Now Get To It

There you have it! I hope that in 2021, you’ll make a point of finding self-care habits and routines that make you feel like your best self. You deserve it.

Kanoe Riedel

Hafa Adai! That’s our greeting on the island of Guam, where I was born and raised. I’m Kanoe (pronounced “Ka-no-way”). I’m a mom and business blogger living in Waukesha with my husband, toddler, and English Bulldog. I’ve lived in Wisconsin for the past 15 years – primarily Milwaukee, with a few years in Madison and the last several in Waukesha. I absolutely love our Lake Country community and all of the family fun it has to offer. I’m a work-from-home mom, spending my days with my daughter and spending her nap times and my evenings helping small businesses with their blog content. I enjoy a big mug of hot coffee, a good glass of red, quality time with my family and my friends, binging seasons of the Real Housewives, and getting outside with my daughter as much as possible. As a first-time mom, I feel like I am constantly navigating new stages and phases, and connecting with other parents and hearing their experiences is so very helpful. Thank goodness for The Lake Country Mom! I can’t wait to share our family’s adventures in Lake Country with you.  Facebook // Instagram

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