Stop Beating Yourself Up

As moms it is so easy to get overwhelmed with life. We think we have to do it all. We have to make it all happen right now.

But the truth is, we don’t have to do it all. We don’t have to do everything right this moment. We get caught up in the whirlwind of thinking we have to be the “perfect” parent & prove to others that we can do it all. We start to chase this imaginary badge of honor that says we can do it all. We  beat ourselves up trying to prove to people who don’t even matter. Does Brenda that you went to middle school really care that you managed to get it all accomplished even though you beat yourself up to get it done? It doesn’t matter & now you are completely exhausted & don’t even feel good about what you got done. Who are you really trying to serve?

The more we beat ourselves up, the more it effects those at home. The people that really do matter. The ones that we are supposed to be serving. Because we aren’t really enjoying life like we should. We are missing out on the little things. We aren’t fully there for our families or focusing on what they really need. Then we got lost in what we need ourselves & put those needs on the back burner. After awhile, the burnout begins.

It’s OK to leave the laundry unfolded for another day. It’s OK that the dishes sit in the sink. It’s OK to just stop & sit down for a few moments. Maybe it’s taking 10 minutes to play with your kids instead of scrubbing the shower down. Or maybe you’re taking time at night for yourself to read a book or paint your nails instead of picking up the living room.

You don’t have to feel guilty for not getting it all accomplished. Mom Guilt is a hard habit to break. It can linger on for a long time & make you overthink your decisions  along with the choices you made. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to bed after I chose to put something off & then thought about it once I went to bed. How when you are laying there trying to fall asleep & then the Mom Guilt creeps in & you think about why did you didn’t do something or when will you get it done. It’s hard to turn your brain off when that guilt sets in.

We have to cut ourselves some slack. We are not meant to do it all. We think we are because we’ll see someone makes it look wonderful on social media & that they have it made. Chances are though, they don’t. They probably have a basket of laundry sitting there off to the side of that picture or maybe there floors haven’t been mopped.

Motherhood is the hardest job that we will ever have. Nobody is perfect. Take time to enjoy those little things with your kids & family. You can’t go back in time  & make those memories or get that time back. Those dishes will still be there tomorrow & won’t mind that you didn’t get to them.


Threenager Mom

Jennifer Searcy
Hi! I’m Jennifer. I’m an espresso addicted, wine loving, sarcasm user who swears like a sailor, but I do love Jesus. I’m a boy mom of two, ages 4 & 14 that keep my hands full as well as work full time outside the home. When I have a little spare time, I enjoy crafting. (I may or may not be addicted to Pinterest!) I love reading & long walks, around Target. I may have an obsession with shoes but most days you will find me in a pair of Converse. I am excited to be a part of the Lake Country Mom & share my stories & experiences. You can follow me on Instagram or on my blog. 

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