Ad Space Giveaway with The Lake Country Mom!

Ad Space Giveaway with The Lake Country Mom! 

We thought what better way to celebrate The Lake Country Mom turning two than giving away ad space to a deserving local business! If you are not familiar we offer ad space aka “sponsors” on the left sidebar of our blog/website. We have been so lucky and so humbled to have so many area businesses advertise with us to keep The Lake Country Mom going-truly blessed! I was thinking and there are so many start-up and small businesses that I have heard of or seen either brick and mortar or online, and may not have the funds to advertise quite yet. So, I thought–let’s giveaway ad space to a deserving local business. I just want to hear your story!

Ad Space Giveaway with The Lake Country Mom to a local deserving business • The Lake Country Mom

Have your local business featured on The Lake Country Mom

Why is advertising on blog, such as The Lake Country Mom beneficial, anyway? 

Consider These Benefits

Blog forums are filled with folks who share some common interest. These are folks who love to speak out because they can offer up a candid opinion while they hide behind a screen name. This can give rise to interesting, sometimes useful discussions that are launched by the blogs themselves within the social networks that accompany them.

A reader’s interest in your product or your service can be just the right momentary distraction for a blog reader, if your target audience and blog forum culture that supports it have been thoroughly explored. Blog readers are the perfect vehicle for creating buzz among like-minded folks who share an interest in one thing or another. And buzz can launch a concept, product, or idea to a point beyond your wildest expectations. If one’s marketing campaign is the cake itself, buzz is the icing on the top.

Where else can you examine your own potential audience thoroughly, participate in their discussion, get to know them maybe better than you need to, and test the waters for compatibility with your own ideas, concepts, products and/or services, and thereby project the outcome of your marketing so thoroughly in advance?

Where else can you become intimately familiar with the sensibility of your audience and the very specific interests that they share?

Remember, too, that bloggers (such as The Lake Country Mom) and blog-readers are more likely to communicate with friends and on-line pals when they run across something that piques their interest on the internet. It’s just a click or two to forward something to a friend who might also want to take a peek. What a great way to stir up interest in your product or your service or, if nothing else, expand your potential audience through someone else’s effort. (source)

What are we giving away?

As long as it’s appropriate for our audience and engages our readers; we can work with any company, event or website. We will choose one local business that shares their story with us!  We are currently offering sponsorship on the left sidebar of the blog’s home page and will be offering future spots throughout the website as we grow. We currently receive thousands of hits per month & have a large following which creates exposure for any business or upcoming activity.  We are also heavily active in various social media and sponsor our pages for growth utilizing Facebook campaigns to drive traffic to our website.

Our sponsors & advertisers have expressed their joy and satisfaction with the traffic and recognition they receive from The Lake Country Mom. Plainly, a great way to advertise to our particular demographic.

 $75 Value  | 250px x 150px | This Large ad for 2 months: a value of $150 


  • Featured on the left side bar of site as sponsor
  • URL linked ad & directed to your website
  • Ad fully designed by in-house graphic designer or your own
  • Social media posts when appropriate, at least two posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest will be shared.
  • If you are advertising an event, it will be added to the Event Calendar.

How to enter to win? 

Write us a story, telling us all about your business. How the idea came about, the background, the idea, tell us about what you have to offer and why you’d love to win this ad space! There is no right or wrong way to share your story, just let it flow. We will then choose a winner at the end of July, winner will be announced on Facebook and in this comment thread below. You can either share your story on The Lake Country Mom’s Facebook page or in the comment thread below this post.

I cannot wait to read all of your stories and learn more about your business.


• • •

For those of you that would like to learn more about our advertising/sponsorship opportunities, visit HERE.

We love you, Lake Country!

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