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Mother and Daughter Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Board Review From The Lake Country Mom

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to give a stand up paddle board review with Glacier Springs Adventure Company-located in downtown Delafield. Their motto is ‘Get on Board’  as their company’s guiding principle and that is what we did. They provide the unique experience of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and fitness/yoga classes and all of lake country’s beautiful lakes.

I of course was nervous to go, and did not know what to expect. I was taking my adventurous eight-year old daughter along. We met at their shop located right in downtown Delafield. The shop was comfortable, full of adventure and loaded with great products and boards. We walked in and we were greeted by Dave, the owner with a big smile and warm welcome. We were there for the Get on Board Basics class. He told us a little bit about it, showed us the boards, and he explained our morning. Soon after we met John, our tour guide/instructor for the day. His enthusiasm about our upcoming morning was incredible. All nervousness that I had began to subside from his confidence & enthusiasm.

Our Adventure Begins!

Our class was to held on Nagawicka Lake, so we drove a few blocks to the Bleeker St. boat launch since this is where we were entering the water. Dave sized us for our paddles, gave us life jackets, and taught us how to paddle while still on land. He explained with ‘great instruction’ how to balance on the board and how to go from your knees to your feet. I was thinking it sounded pretty simple, yet a bit overwhelming. It was time to go, and I was the first out of our group of ten—to get on my board and go in. John helped me get on my board. I took that first step on and kneeled down, and I was feeling unstable, and I was bit shaky. I thought for sure I would fall in, however, after a few minutes, I was feeling comfortable. Even my daughter got it right away! But I think she’s a bit more skilled than I.  After about 10 minutes our entire group had went from their knees to their feet. Voila! We were standing up! What a rush!

John directed us and told us we were paddling out to the island across the lake. As we were all spread apart, John would paddle over and give us tips to help us out. After awhile, the board became more stable and the feeling of falling in minimized. It was a beautiful Saturday morning just before 8:00 am. The sun was shining, the was a slight breeze, the water was calm and like glass-smooth and crystal clear. It was so relaxing yet adventurous. It was quite the work out as well. It uses almost every muscle in your body from paddling and keeping balance. John was so helpful, and kept encouraging us and giving us free range of the water. My daughter was bit tired near the end, and he even helped her out, and let her ride with him. How wonderful is that? Glacier Springs Adventure Company caters to any age-even pets! The whole family (literally) can come along and experience this activity together!

The Lake Country Mom, Approves!

I highly recommend this wonderful company. Whether it is just for you, your friends, your family, or for a team-building experience for your company. Glacier Springs Adventure Company will provide you a unique experience like nothing else.

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We love you, Lake Country!

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