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Shamrock Soaps made in the lake country area * The Lake Country Mom
Shamrocks Soaps. Have you heard of them? I have quite few times, but never really took the time to learn more or find out how great they really are. Shamrock Soaps is a small business right here in the lake country area, made in Ixonia.  All the products are 95-100% natural. The quality and the art of each soap bar is truly beautiful. The fragrances are inspired by Ireland and their family’s stories. The owner, Heather Carroll’s father-in-law was born and raised in Ireland and his 5 brothers still live there. Her husband has 27 Irish cousins!

Lavender collection: lavender hops, lavender and mint, lavender and wildflower honey.

Lavender collection: lavender hops, lavender and mint, lavender and wildflower honey.

Heather started Shamrock soaps in 2012, while she was in the throws of writing her PhD dissertation. Writing, researching, teaching, commuting, and raising two young daughters, she was busy in the worst way . She decided that her life needed more joy – more calm – and more meaning. She still teaches, part-time, at a small, local college where she pushes her students to think (and write) critically about social topics.
Shamrock Soaps best sellers: Irish oatmeal, Irish flag, and Irish Sea * The Lake Country Mom

Their best sellers: Irish oatmeal, Irish flag, and Irish Sea

With that being said, Shamrock Soaps’ mission is to help you find moments of calm in a hectic world. They do this by providing spa quality soaps and bath care products that will turn your bathroom into a retreat. There is nothing more wonderful than that. Shamrock Soaps makes an effort to purchase ingredients and packaging from other small businesses in the US and Ireland.


Shamrock Soaps is all about giving back to our community!


A percentage of proceeds from every purchase are donated to non-profits. Past non-profits have included OPEF, the Hebron House of Hospitality, and the Lake Area Free Clinic.


Just in time for the holidays!


You can shop 24/7 from the comfort of your own home on their WEBSITE or on their ETSY shop, and find them on FACEBOOK.


From the Etsy shop, “Our homemade soaps will have you feeling great in the shower. But that’s not all – we’ve also got homemade bath bombs to fix you when you are shattered, homemade lip balms to sooth chapped lips naturally,and homemade foot balms to sooth your tired achy feet (check out our line of Irish dancer gifts!). Shamrock Soaps is the best place to go when you are looking for a small indulgence, or the perfect Irish gift to help a friend relax.”

Come shop in person this season!
Shamrock Soaps will be at Irish Fest’s Celtic Christmas Boutique on 11/22/14! Free admission!


You can find out more about the event and all the details HERE.


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We love you, Lake Country!

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