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Sleep Tips From Lake Country Bed Barn

Ways to encourage a refreshing, renewing night of sleep.


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Every person wants and desires a better night’s sleep. During this time of year schedules and routines change for school and sometimes you find yourself stressed out checking items off your to-do list.  Stress sometimes leads to a lack of sleep. I don’t pretend to be an expert in sleep but I have learned a thing or two about our sleep since entering the mattress business. Of course you should always consult with your doctor about any sleep problems you or your child may be experiencing. As most of us know, adults need 8-9 hours of sleep a night and our school age child(ren) need 9-11 hours in a night, but what if we are having trouble getting to sleep and/or staying asleep?  What can we do?  A lack of sleep can really affect our day and how we are able to learn and function.

Sleep deprivation is a huge problem for adults and children.  According to studies children with sleep problems were more likely to be inattentive, hyperactive, impulsive, and display oppositional behaviors.  Some of those behaviors get misdiagnosed as ADHD.  This is mind-blowing, that some children are medicated because they are thought to have ADHD when it could have been fixed with better sleep habits


 I have had the fortunate opportunity to connect with Linda Pavlovich of Heart Speak Energy LLC.  She has been a nurse for 30 years and is a certificated Reiki Master/Teacher and Animal Communicator. She was willing to share some do her knowledge on how to encourage a refreshing sleep and give you a GOOD MORNING.

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If still having problems with sleep, see your Doctor. The following is not meant to take the place of medical treatment.

  1. Set a bedtime routine. Try to go to bed at the same time every evening.
  1. Clear the clutter from the bedroom.  Use the bedroom for sleep activities not as a storage place for all your unfinished projects or activities of the day.  You want to have a feeling of relaxation when you enter your bedroom, not a reminder of the unfolded laundry or other unfinished tasks of the day.
  1. Eliminate or cover all electronic devices in the bedroom. If you have your office in your bedroom cover or turn off your computer screen off so that light does not disturb you at night.
  1. Disconnect from your electronic devices at least 30 min before bedtime so you can start to unwind.
  1. Have the room a comfortable temperature.
  1. Adjust curtains & shades as necessary to eliminate outside light.
  1. Have a comfortable mattress and pillow to sleep on. Replace when necessary.
  1. Some people use one drop of therapeutic grade essential oils rubbed on the bottom of the feet.  Use oil whose scent makes you feel relaxed.  Possibly Lavender.
  1. Try not to watch the news just before going to bed.  Many people find it too stimulating.  Watch an earlier version of the news or catch up on the computer earlier in the evening.
  1. Eat earlier in the evening try not to eat a heavy meal just before bed.
  1. Reduce your amount of caffeine later in the day/evening.
  1. Try some deep breathing/relaxing exercises before bedtime.
  1. Don’t replay your day in your head as you lay in bed.  If you have to picture something picture yourself going to bed, relaxing and falling asleep as your head hits the pillow.
  1. If outside noise is a problem try playing some relaxing music softly that will turn itself off.
  1. Some people enjoy a relaxing foot rub before bedtime.  Place a little lotion on your hands and rub the bottom of the feet and between each toe.

Thank you for taking the time to read and learn.  We hope that you are able to find the rest you need and when you are in need a new mattress please, call us, or join us on Saturday, August 29th from 10-2 for our Second Annual Sidewalk Sale. We would love to help you find yourself or your family a good morning.

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Owner, The Lake Country Bed Barn


Disclosure: This is a sponsored blog post and were paid to share this post, all opinions are our own. 

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