They are ready.

I have been thinking a lot about what my first contribution to The Lake Country Mom should be and I had not been able to come with anything. Do I share some super fun party tips? May be the importance of a seating chart – at a junior high parent/Graduate dinner dance this was highlighted to me as the seating at our event turned into a middle school free for all, run by parents! Leaving a girl already faltering in the confidence department in tears in the parking lot within less than an hour of arrival. I could write an epic novel on the poor judgement displayed on that, but there was something else that just slapped me in the face over and over! As parents, it is our responsibility to give our children roots. To make sure their heart always knows the way back home. But we are also charged with giving them wings, so they can soar, and achieve every dream they have for themselves. And, when it is needed, to find their way back home. This is something I myself have struggled with as my oldest just turned 14 a few days ago and graduated from the 8th grade. High School is upon us, how can this be? Is she ready? Am I throwing her, this incredibly shy, loving child, always one step back from her friends, always the “odd one out” when the numbers are even in a group into a lions den? Is she ready? Can I just have an 8th grade do-over? What do I do? How can this be happening?

I kept telling myself the answer will come to me.

The answer always does, but it has been a struggle, how do I stop being the Mom that is always there to the Mom that is still always there, but in the background. And the answer came, I was fortunate enough to be one of 4 chaperones on my daughters overnight trip to Chicago. We went to Shed, the Bean, Blue Man Group, and so much more. The kids, we believe, had the time of their lives! We watched a birthday girl face her paralyzing fear of heights, with the unwavering moral support of 3 young men, who before that never really spoke to her. We watched a young man desperate to get the attention of another girl he hadn’t respected so the parents had to step in and have the “friendship” evaluated, even us as chaperones having to deal with parent requests of last minute re-arranging of groups to separate them. And we saw the young girl empowered by it, realizing her worth is more than what he believed it to be, and I overheard the phone call – the actual dialing of numbers, phone to ear phone call of this girl to her Father “Hi Dad! This is “Susan” I just called to tell you that you are right “Raymond” isn’t good for me. Thank you, I love you.”

They are ready! They are ready! My Isabella is ready! As we close the book of childhood, and open the new, yet to be written book of young adulthood I see standing before me an amazing group of young men and women, who, to paraphrase the Zac Brown Band are going to go and “See the Northern lights paint the sky shades of green”. All the while reminding themselves that we have given them their roots and their “hearts will always know the way back home.” Now, if someone can remind me of this in 4 years when college is on deck I would be grateful! Don’t blink!

This happens fast. ~A


Ali Schweitzer

Hi! I’m Ali (pronounced alley). I’m 40 (something) – live in Oconomowoc with my husband of over more than 15 years, 3 kids, 1 “senior citizen” cat, Gus, and a 2 year old Jack Russel, Tubbs. We lead, as everyone does, a hectic life of carpools, sports, social activities and much coveted downtime! My oldest starts High School in the fall (I am not certain how that happened as she was really only just born!)

As a private caterer/event planner I am known for over the top crazy themed parties for kids and adults and I am thrilled to be joining The Lake Country Mom to share all things party, tips and tricks, and quick and easy recipes. I keep threatening to start a blog, and this may push me to actually do it, when I do I’ll be sure and let you know! Until then you can find me here!

We love you, Lake Country!

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