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Whether you’re a work-at-home mom, a work out of the home mom, a work at an office mom, a uniformed mom or a somewhere in between mom, you are still Mom first and foremost. Whatever way you choose to support your family, your first job is Mom. We are all bonded in a special way, this motherhood tribe. We need to remember this. Instead of tearing each other down, we need to be lifting each other up. Rejoicing in each other’s triumphs and lending a shoulder when the tears start falling. 

When I ask my 7-year-old daughter what she wants to be she always says the same thing. “I want to be a mom first and then a therapist.” I think those are great goals. Her brother has Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder. He has been seeing an ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) therapist since he was 3. He is now 5. They have become like part of our family and she sees how much of a difference they have made in all our lives. 

When my son was diagnosed at the age of 2, I tried working for a while, but quickly realized that he needed more attention than I could give him while working outside of the home. I have been a proud stay-at-home mom for the past 3 years or so. I have heard so many comments throughout the years. “Oh you’re so lucky, I would just love to stay home and just play with the kids all day.” “ You really have your hands full.” “It must be nice to not have to go to work.” You name it, I’ve heard it. And I’ve usually heard it coming from the mouth of another mother. Why do we feel the needs to shame others? To judge others? I still believe that being a stay-at-home mom is one of the hardest jobs I have had. I give major props to all those stay-at-home mommas out there. However, I don’t know how I would make it work if I worked out of the home either. I think it’s a doubled edged sword. I am a somewhere in between mom. I stay at home with my children, but also run my own travel agency. I am supporting my family in the best way I know possible right now. 

At the end of a long day we just need a pat of the back from someone who understands. So, the next time you see another mom struggling with a screaming child at the grocery store, don’t stare, offer help. The child may have autism and my being having an autistic meltdown. The next time you see a tired mom with her briefcase in hand fumbling around her purse and dropping things from exhaustion, don’t stare or judge. Offer a helping hand or a simple smile. The next time you see a mom in scrubs with bags under her eyes and children clung to her leg, don’t just pass by. Offer a kind word or gesture. You never know, that may be all she needs to get through to the next day. To just know that she is strong and able and not alone may be all she needs to hear. 

Sarah Pollack

Hello all! My name is Sarah. I am a wife, a Mother to 3 wonderful children, a business owner, a travel agent (website) and check us out), a learning coach for my virtual schooled children, a daughter and a friend. I live in North Prairie, WI with my family of 7 (we have two dogs named Maya and Luna). I have 3 children; Peyton who is 7, Lincoln who is 5, and Cora who just turned 7 months. My son and 2nd daughter were both NICU babies. My son has Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder so I fancy myself a well-rounded Momma.  My husband and I both grew up in Oconomowoc, WI. We have known each other for a long time guys…he was my very first friend in 2nd grade at Summit Elementary! Do a little dance if you went to Summit Elementary! Woot Woot! We went our separate ways when we graduated from Oconomowoc High School in 2004. He went into the Army and did two tours in Iraq, while I stayed safe at home in Wisconsin at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. I graduated with a Journalism degree and we both ended up in Virginia working for military contracting companies. We got married in 2009 and spent our honeymoon years eating our way around the DC area. When we decided to have a family, we came back home to Wisconsin. So, I wear many hats and I am so excited and honored to be able to add The Lake Country Mom Contributing Blogger hat to my repertoire. 

We love you, Lake Country!

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