Local Sledding Hills in Waukesha Country

Our top choices to bundle up the family and go sledding right here in Waukesha County! ••• Waukesha County Park System HillsWaukesha County Park System sledding hills are open when snow cover permits. Their sledding hills are perfect for winter enthusiasts of all ages! Sleds, tubes, and snowboards allowed on […]

Kristen Pettigrew
, owner, Your Art Lesson- Lake Country Hot Seat

On the HOT SEAT: Kristen Pettigrew, owner Your Art Lesson  Welcome to the lake country hot seat! We believe in supporting local, and being apart of our community. We cannot think of a better way to get to know the owners of local businesses, community leaders, makers and shakers than […]

Stain and Scoop is a diy studio and dessert parlor dedicated to providing jobs for people with disabilities.

Stain and Scoop is a diy studio and dessert parlor dedicated to providing jobs for people with disabilities. The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is over 80%, often because many businesses won’t give people with different abilities a chance, when they are in fact very able and valuable to […]

Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time with Low-Impact Exercises by LifeClinic Brookfield

Is your child always glued to their mobile phone or tablet that they have little to no time to exercise? Participating in physical activity becomes less frequent as a child ages. School takes up much of their time, and their idea of rest and entertainment nowadays is scrolling through social […]

12 Tips On How To Keep Your House Clean Without Really Trying

I, by no means, am an expert or consider my own home to be the super tidy model home that we were referring to above, but my sister does jokingly call my house “the museum” and I do take pride in keeping a mostly clean, tidy, and organized home. Now that I am a mom of an 18-month-old, a furry dog baby named Henry Ford and pregnant with number two, I have learned some tricks to help me stay on top of housekeeping without a huge, concerted effort. I also consulted with other moms whose homes I revere as spotless to see what hacks they leverage to share with you (and to steal personally). 

How to cope with parent guilt: 3 things to keep in mind

No two children—or families—are the same. Trust yourself to know what yours needs and make decisions accordingly. Your feelings might change with time, so celebrate the experiences you’re offering yourself and your children right now, and don’t forget to find joy in the miracle of your unique child.

Explore Curiosities Here: Preschool at University Lake School

At ULS, preprimary students are encouraged to observe, question, hypothesize and experiment. In fact, topics of study are built upon the interests and curious thinking of our youngest learners. These meaningful investigations teach age-appropriate skills by connecting academics to hands-on projects that inspire their curiosity. Projects vary from year to […]

Have you heard of Zion Lutheran Church & School in Hartland?

Zion Lutheran Church & School has been a part of the Hartland and Lake
Country communities for over 150 years. Zion is a Christ-centered,
biblical, and sacramental church. We cherish the Bible as God’s Word
and take its words at face value. We cherish God’s gifts of
forgiveness and grace given through baptism and the Lord Supper. We
worship on Sundays, 10:30am at our school building (1023 E Capitol Dr,
Hartland 53029).

A Somewhere In Between Mom

Whether you’re a work-at-home mom, a work out of the home mom, a work at an office mom, a uniformed mom or a somewhere in between mom, you are still Mom first and foremost. Whatever way you choose to support your family, your first job is Mom. We are all bonded in a special way, this motherhood tribe. We need to remember this. Instead of tearing each other down, we need to be lifting each other up. Rejoicing in each other’s triumphs and lending a shoulder when the tears start falling.

A Letter to My Second Born on His First Birthday

As I reflect back on the past year, I must admit it had its challenges. I wasn’t in the best place mentally when you were born, and adjusting to life with two is a bigger change than I anticipated. In fact, we are still trying to figure out what works best for our family. And yes, there were more happy and heart-bursting moments than not, but a very real theme for me this past year has been major mom-guilt.

looking for one last adventure before school starts?

Did you know that you can enjoy all the fun at Great Wolf Lodge without spending the night?! Neither did I! That is until Great Wolf Lodge reached out to us & invited us to come spend the day there. Families can actually buy day passes & enjoy the indoor […]