How to cope with parent guilt: 3 things to keep in mind

Over at The Lake Country Mom we get all sorts of questions related to looking for resources and support with coping with parent guilt. We got a chance to sit and learn from our friends at KinderCare…

Caring for a child in today’s complex world can be challenging and overwhelming. After spending lots of time at home during COVID-19 restrictions, caregivers have certainly bonded with their children in new ways, but they’re also exhausted from wearing multiple “hats” and juggling even more responsibilities than usual. 

When it’s time to return to routines like work, school, and child care, many parents (not just new ones) feel something we call parent guilt. These days, COVID-19 makes it even more complicated. Parent guilt today can look something like this: 

  • “I need space and time to focus on my job, but I am nervous about sending my child to daycare or school—I worry about our health and safety with COVID-19 still being an issue.” 
  • “I know it’s important for my child’s development and emotional wellbeing to have social time with their peers but I’ll miss being together.”

What can you do to cope with this icky (but totally common) feeling? Watch this conversation from the experts at KinderCare to learn you can turn parenting guilt into parenting glory! And, remember these three key pieces of advice:

  1. Do what feels right for your family. 

No two children—or families—are the same. Trust yourself to know what yours needs and make decisions accordingly. Your feelings might change with time, so celebrate the experiences you’re offering yourself and your children right now, and don’t forget to find joy in the miracle of your unique child. 

  1. The benefits of daycare are everlasting!
    Just because you aren’t with your child 100% of the time, doesn’t mean you don’t love them 100% of the time! In fact, it’s an act of love to give your child new experiences to learn and grow. Daycare environments can help little ones learn socialization, cooperation, and friendship skills that get them prepared for school—and life! And don’t forget: As a working parent, you’re showing them how to have a family and a career! Now that’s something they can be proud of YOU for.
  2. You can’t pour from an empty cup!
    All your child really needs is to feel safe and loved. The best way to give your child those fundamentals is to take good care of yourself! When you’re at your personal best, you’re able to give that love and provide that security. So, find time in your day just for self-care, even if it’s quick. Five minutes is sometimes all it takes to reset and recharge.

When does parent guilt go away? 

Learn the answer in KinderCare’s video!

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