Explore the Waukesha County Parks!

Explore Our Park System Waukesha County Park System is an 8,500-acre, natural resources-based system with diverse landscapes, high-quality natural areas, a variety of trails, and beautiful lakes, ponds, and waterways. Please note that some parks and lake access sites require a daily permit or annual membership for access. Eble Park Indoor Ice Arena Eble Park Gardens […]

How to cope with parent guilt: 3 things to keep in mind

No two children—or families—are the same. Trust yourself to know what yours needs and make decisions accordingly. Your feelings might change with time, so celebrate the experiences you’re offering yourself and your children right now, and don’t forget to find joy in the miracle of your unique child.

What Type of Mom Are You?

What Type of Mom Are You? It’s a simple question. Or maybe not? Do you find yourself comparing your “mom” qualities to the lady in front of you at the coffee shop, the mom who volunteers for every single school event, or the mom who forgets about school spirit day? […]

Things to do Before I Die

Things to do Before I Die Things to do before I die, yes it may seem cliche, but really life is short. I was thinking about my “bucket list,” if you will, and what things should be on it. I could live to be 90 or die tomorrow. We don’t […]

Sweetest Day Fun Facts

Sweetest Day Fun Facts Are you one that celebrates Sweetest Day? Or are you one is says it’s a made up holiday? Well, either way here are some fun facts on the Sweetest Day: Sweetest Day is always observed on the third Saturday in October, which falls on Oct. 19 […]

50 Fun Facts About WI: We are not just Beer & Cheese

50 Fun Facts About WI: We are not just Beer & Cheese Living in Wisconsin all your life–you hear things like… “Don’t you guys drink beer for breakfast?”  “You are from that state that wears cheese on your heads.”  You know what I mean. But we are much more than that! In […]