Traveling in Style to see The Beach Boys with Andrus Limo

  We recently had friends + family in from out of town for the holidays. We were brainstorming ideas on how to show them a good time. We decided to […]

The day I stepped out of my comfort zone: paddleboarding

But then the next thing I knew, I was off-balance, stepping backward, and then water was over my head. I had a quick freakout moment that I was in the water and “was I going to be ok?” I truly don’t know exactly what happened when I fell, but now I had the task of trying to collect myself and get back on. I grabbed the paddle, plopped it on the board, and tried to conjure up a plan to get back on.

Witches of Lake Country Bar Hop

WHEN: 10.20.2018 (Saturday) WHAT: Girl’s night out! Witches of Lake Country Bar Hop! WHY: What other reason is there to dress up like witches, drink cocktails, hang out with old and […]