What Type of Mom Are You?

What Type of Mom Are You?

It’s a simple question. Or maybe not? Do you find yourself comparing your “mom” qualities to the lady in front of you at the coffee shop, the mom who volunteers for every single school event, or the mom who forgets about school spirit day? Are you like her? Are you better than her? Do you wish you could be her? I was thinking about the types of moms out there. I am not really sure where I fall, I’d like to think I am a mixture of these moms, and I hope most of you are too. Let’s see where you fall?

What Type of Mom Are You? • The Lake Country Mom
The Overachiever Mom
She taught her baby in the womb a foreign language, at least she tried. The infant knew baby sign language at birth. She showed up on the first day of preschool insisting that her child was too smart to be there, and inquired about advanced learning classes. If she allows her child to play with yours, she will spend the entire time ensuring her child one ups yours, comparing, contrasting, and competing with the other kids. Piano and violin lessons will be mastered my age three. She raves because her child has won very spelling bee.

The Hippy Mom
She is dressed in browns and greens. Her t-shirt made from recycled coffee filters. Her hair flowy with a flower tucked in over her ear. She is happy, always smiling. She sends in organic and gluten free snacks for the class encouraging the other children food should come from the earth and not from chemicals. She gives out hugs and passes out flyers on saving a tree farm in the city. Her back seat is filled with plastic bottle and bags that she has picked up from the side of the road. She is carefree, and tells her kids to be kind to everyone.

The I’m Still Young Mom
She still fits in her clothes from her junior year in high school and still wears them. She shops with her middle school daughter and they share clothes. She leans over in the school parking lot and out pops her thong undies. Her shirt reads, “Aero.” She walks her child to the door in wedges to tall for her. She kisses her child good-bye and leaves a big shiny lip mark on his cheek. She smells of cotton candy. Her kids are not sure if she is cool or if they should be embarrassed yet.

The Put Together Mom
She lays out her outfit every night with her children’s. The belt matches the shoes, the purse matches the pants, the earrings match the bracelet. She lips are glossy, her face is perfectly primed. Her cheeks are highlighted with a touch of pink. She has credit cards to J. Crew and Banana Republic. She has the same cardigan in very color. Her shoes look brand new, and rarely wears the same pair twice. Her kids the same. She is outgoing, and knows everyone at school. She knows all of the kids, the parents, the teachers. You see her at the coffee shop, and she is talking to everyone. Her kids are in every extracurricular activity their school offers. She is the official carpooler for their friends. She is the mom on the dance floor with the kids.

The Very Involved Mom
She is pushing forty. She has three kids at the same school. She is a stay at home mom, yet her kids are at school all day. She wears khakis and a polo shirt, her hair is messy without makeup. She is head of the PTO, the scout leader, the official coordinator of all school events, she is the room mom for each her children’s classrooms, she is in charge of the sign-up sheets, she also put together a before school crafting class and is looking for moms to help. She always knows what is going out, she is direct and knows what needs to be done. Her kids are shy and wonders why everyone else’s parents are not at school very single day. She feels over whelmed at times, but still continues to say yes when everyone says no.

I Don’t Have Time for This Mom Thing Mom
She stays up late, with her kids. They eat pizza rolls, mac n cheese or corn dogs very night. Soda for breakfast, house smells of smoke. She sleeps in the same sweat pants she takes her kids to school in. She looks tired. She cringes at the sight of other parents, and is not involved with her child’s school. She doesn’t enforce homework, the kids play outside and come home when they want. Her mini van is full of empty bags of chips, soda cans, and ashes from her cigarettes. Her kids are struggling with things, and on-lookers want to help but don’t know how. She wonders how and if life will get any better.

The Trendsetter Mom
She is fit. She doesn’t look like she was ever pregnant. Her hair is perfect, her skin is perfect. She is trendy, her kids are adorable. Every single time you see her, you are in “awe.” She is just to put together and is always up with the latest fashion trend. She attends yoga daily. Her kids are sweet and have a lot of friends.

The Worker Bee Mom
She always looks rushed, she is dressed in a black sleek business suit cost and fitted pencil skirt. She wears nylons, black pumps, and a french twist. Her kids are in before and after school care. She feels bad she always has to work, and finds it hard to balance life at home with her work. Her kids are smart and well dressed.

The Worry Wart
She is worried. Plain and simple. She is worried that her child will fall and cut himself. She is worried he will not have friends. She covers the cart at the store in plastic in fear of disease. She carries hand sanitizer in her back pocket. She is tired from staying up late to check if her child was breathing and reading about if her child sneeze could be RSV? Her kids are cautious and scared to try new things, they are shy and tend to stay together at recess.

Most importantly all moms are here for the same reason. Instead of judging and comparing yourself, compliment each other takes tips and tricks from The Overachiever, offer help to the I Don’t Have Time for This Mom Thing Mom, and ask how you can make the world a better place from The Hippy Mom. Us mamas need to be there for each other, especially when our kids go to the same school and we live in the same community.

We love you, Lake Country!


  1. Diane Moca says

    I am working on a Kickstarter project to create a 60-minute video magazine to help harried moms find peace and comfort in their choices and learn to push past the feeling of being overwhelmed on a daily basis.
    I would LOVE to use your awesome animation on your funny and insightful blog entry about the different mom types.
    My TV Pilot is called “Over Achiever Mom,” so I guess that one sums me up the best. (The I found a bit of myself in all of them).
    When I watched your YouTube video and realized you are from Waukesha County, I thought it was just fitting that I found the picture I want to use to represent my project to the world from a Wisconsinite.
    I was a reporter at CBS 58 for 15 years, and now I want to use my skills to help moms across the country and the world.
    Do I have your permission to use the clever and appealing graphic?
    Here’s a preview of my Kickstarter project with your animation.
    It is not live yet, so I will not use it without your permission.
    I will give any credit necessary to use the graphic.

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