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I am a woman. I am a mom. I am always on the go. I’m tired. I am easily fatigued.  I tend to put my family’s needs before mine more so than I should. It’s time to do something about it. Not only have I started to exercise more routinely (I have not one, but two gym memberships, I am sad to confess.) I am making a more conscious effort to make healthier choices in my meals and snacks, taking the stairs over the elevator, parking far away so I can walk, washing my makeup off every night no matter how tired I am. Simple and little changes- it all makes a huge difference.

I was recently approached by the owner, Kelly of Nucopia. Nucopia? I had no idea either. She told me all about her company’s mission and what they were all about. She is a mom, and lives in Wisconsin. I am all about supporting moms locally! She kindly offered to send me three bottles from her Nucopia Wellness System, focusing on Mind, Body & Spirit to give it a review. So what is this all about?

From the Nucopia website/Owner Kelly- To provide new moms with high quality and innovative Nutrition Solutions from the Nucopia Wellness System during their first year of having their new child. New mom’s need to focus on their baby, and we will focus on the new mom by providing Mind, Body, and Spirit completement formulas.

Since the task of raising a child never stops, neither do we – We will always strive for 100% satisfaction in all aspects of our company, and will promise to keep our products 100% organic and made in the USA. My husband and I created Nucopia just three months after the birth of our first child. I experienced most of the typical effects Postpartum – Decreased energy, baby blues, and lack of nutrition simply from a lack of time. It’s hard to do everything we should do for ourselves in one day! So my goal was to make it easy on YOU – Mom!  Our jobs as a wife and mother are hard enough, so Nucopia is there to make getting your vital nutrients and minerals a little easier.

I received my bottles, I read the nice brochure she had sent, then I had to write her and state that I didn’t just have a baby. My baby is nine years old! She kindly replied and said that is okay, and the Nucopia system works for all moms, no matter what stage post-baby!

Nucopia Baby and Mom

Here is what she had to say, “That is totally fine if you aren’t post baby. I have a lot of moms with older children who are currently taking the vitamins. The Body is just a really good multivitamin which is good for any woman to take. The Spirit Complete is a raw fruit and veggie mix made up of 26 different kinds of fruits and veggies. It really helps to increase your energy, and help your body to get the full servings of fruits and veggies it needs during the day. A lot of women have even reported some weight loss from taking it. The Mind is made has three different types of ginger in it, which is awesome for your body. The Mind really helps to reduce stress, helps to regulate blood flow, and balance hormone levels. It can also help with headaches.”

Here is a link to a blog on their site when they get asked that very question, I’m not a new mom how does Nucopia benefit me?  Click here.

It’s healthy for me?

Now as I told you earlier. I need some energy, and am looking to live healthier. Plus, did you see that it’s made from 100% organic ingredients, all natural and gluten free. I was willing to give it a try. So I took the whole system for the past month. At first, I didn’t feel any different, I didn’t see a change. After about two weeks, I felt my energy reach a whole new level, I was no longer uncontrollably yawning mid-day, and my coffee intake has greatly reduced. I also suffer from constant headaches, and although they still are there, I felt a significant decline in them. I just feel healthier all around. (You can read other testimonials on the Nucopia website here.) I would assume the benefits for a woman through her pregnancy, breastfeeding and new mom are outstanding, considering the changes your body endures.

What a Deal!

Nucopia is graciously offering a coupon code to receive 15% off of your entire purchase on their website. You can order here.


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Best news is, Nucopia has offered to giveaway one FREE bottle of the Spirit Complete-Raw Fruit & Vegetable Complex. To enter- all you have to go is visit our The Lake Country Mom Facebook Page, and follow the directions on the Nucopia giveway post.

The giveaway starts on Monday 3/19/14 and we will randomly select a winner on 4/2/14. Winner will be chosen and listed under the comments on the Facebook post. Winner must then write Nucopia a message on their Facebook page to claim their prize.

1. You must “like” The Lake Country Mom Facebook page
2. You must “like” the Nucopia Facebook page and tell them we sent you!
3. You can comment on the blog post and tell us why you’d like to win for an extra chance!
4. You can share on Twitter for an extra chance!

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Just like plants, your body’s cells are constantly changing, and the cell-wall components are remodeled to expand, and become adapted to their new cellular and biological environments. So to help you adapt to your new postnatal environment, and possibly lack of time to eat proper amounts of food, we designed Spirit Complete -an organic blend of fruits and vegetables to deliver proper nutrition to your cells, and help your immune system remain in check.

NOTE: I was not paid to endorse Nucopia. I did receive the Nucopia Wellness System at no cost to me to try. All opinions are my own and my personal experience with the products.


We love you, Lake Country!

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