Introducing Play Local | Playdates for Everyone

Introducing Play Local | Playdates for Everyone
Play. Connect. Be Local.

Play Local. Playdates in the lake country area/ southeastern WI,  for everyone, brought to you by Wisconsin mom bloggers; The Lake Country Mom and Ana & Zelli . Playdates for kids, moms’ day/night out, family events, parents’ outings, special guests and much more; at local businesses or places in our awesome communities close to the lake country area.  We want to build a community, let’s get to know one another. Meet other parents, you and your child(ren) can make new friends too!

RSVP today by clicking on event(s) you would like to attend!

Find more about the events on Facebook:  The Lake Country Mom and Ana & Zelli!

Future Events:
12.7.14-  Piñata Christmas Party at Señor Tomas

2/2015  Afternoon Mimosas at Waxing Girl Studio

3/2015 Easter Egg Hunt by Play Local: At Rustic Manor

7/2015 Hartland’s Neighborhood Night Out

8/2015 Coming Soon

Past Events (see photos & more)

8.26.14- Fairies & Pirates Playdate at Fort Cushing

10.5.14- Pumpkin Picking a Family Event At Schuett Farms

We love you, Lake Country!

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