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My family and I were recently were invited to Peck & Bushel Fruit Company founded in 2010 by Joe and Jennifer Fahey, to pick organic apples, located in the Town of Erin in Wisconsin. Peck and Bushel Fruit Company offers only all certified organic apples, this is the exact reason we could not wait to try. Before visiting, I had a typical apple orchard in mind, I viewed photos online and read all about the orchard. Yet, it was nothing like I expected, it was much better. We arrived and drove into the parking lot and saw an adorable white wooden roadside stand with handwritten chalkboard signs, families in line, brown paper bags full of bright red apples and smiling faces. I instantly smiled and knew this experience was going to be positive. There were initial choices to purchase pre-picked organic apples or pick-your-own. We waited in line for just few minutes to receive our “pick-your-own” apple bag (a peck) and were graciously given a tour by Joe Fahey, owner of Peck and Bushel Fruit Company. He took us down the beautiful walking path toward the orchard. He enthusiastically explained that the orchard contains over 10,000 dwarf apple trees grown on a trellis system, much like a vineyard on over 70 acres. He also mentioned that the smaller trees make the fruit easier to grow and harvest.

Organic apple picking in Wisconsin at Peck and Bushel Fruit Company • The Lake Country Mom

 Peck and Bushel Fruit Company does not use any synthetic chemicals or fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides or genetically modified products.  Peck and Bushel Fruit Company plants flowers and shrubs that attract native pollinators to enhance the natural apple tree. “You will taste the difference in organic apples,” Fahey said. They only grow fruit that is certified organic, while choosing natural methods in fruit production. We arrived at the orchard sort of up on a hill, the area is known for its natural beauty, with views of Holy Hill peaking from around the orchard and it had that “farm country” feel. We were greeted by Joe Fahey’s father and he talked to us about the varieties and tips while picking apples. I looked around, there were neatly lined rows of apple trees, low to the ground like was explained. It has such a vineyard look an feel. Each row of apple trees was marked with a wooden carved post identifying each variety. From organic Sweet Sixteen, Macoun and our favorite; Honeycrisp. Please, note that each weekend has different varieties available for picking and/or pre-picked for you depending on fruit maturity.


We arrived right when they opened, and quickly families started arriving—we knew it was going to be a busy day for them for sure. As walked the rows of apple trees; the apples were vibrantly colored and shaped and the trees were evenly spaced apart. A twist of the wrist and you were holding a perfect apple, we filled our bags straight to the top! Our daughter had a blast, as she brought a friend along to enjoy the experience. It was a perfect activity for the whole family to enjoy.

My family & I walked back to the the roadside stand, and saw you could purchase applesauce, apple butter and carmel apples, all from their orchard. The staff was so friendly, helpful and thankful for each and every person that visited. There was even a wagon full of pre-picked pumpkins to choose from. I highly recommend coming; bring your whole family, make it a date, bring your friends…even come alone! The serenity of being amongst the orchard with the views of the landscape, the fragrance of apples and the smiles of those around you is like nothing else.

Organic Apple Picking in Wisconsin • The Lake Country Mom

Where are they located?

5472 County Road Q
Colgate, Wisconsin 53072
(414) 418-0336

Email • Website • Facebook

Hours vary each weekend due to variety and availability. However, they are usually open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-4pm. Please check their website and Facebook page for updates.


“Pick Your Own” $26 per peck
There is different pricing on pre-picked and half-pecks based on varieties. If you would like a bushel, there are 4 pecks in one bushel. You can see pricing information also on their website and Facebook pages.

Apple Butter $5
Applesauce $7
Carmel Apples (ea) $5

Disclosure: Peck & Bushel Fruit Company has paid to advertise on The Lake Country Mom website and also invited our family to pick apples. Even though we receive compensation for posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely our own.

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