Setting Up Your Backyard for an Awesome Summer

Setting Up Your Backyard for an Awesome Summer 

By Jane Blanchard (Guest Post)

You may already have the requisite grill, patio furniture, and freshly mowed lawn for your traditional summer gatherings. But there’s a big difference between fun and still-talking-about-it-a-year-later fun. Thankfully, there are a few simple hacks that will bring your summer nights up a few notches. 

Lawn Games 

cornhole game
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Visiting and eating are always fun, but summer has so much more to offer. Bring out everyone’s competitive spirit with games that both kids and adults can enjoy. Keep your guests entertained with games like lawn twister, cornhole, croquet, and giant jenga.

Mood Lighting 

outdoor lighting


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Your guests aren’t going to want to spend hours after sundown enjoying drinks and playing games if they can’t see each other’s faces. Instead of relying on a garish porchlight, you can make your backyard lighting one of the most charming details in your summer-ready backyard. There are about a million options for DIY fairytale-esque lighting, from recycled wine bottle torches to hanging mason jar lanterns. And don’t forget about the simple yet picturesque beauty a few sets of string lights can add to your outdoor dining or lounging area.


backyard fun

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If you don’t have an awning or a covered porch–or if you do, but want to extend the party into the yard on a hot day–here are a few great tricks to try. You can string wires over your sitting or dining area and throw linens over them for easy DIY shade. You can also strategically place plants and trellises to enjoy a cool spot on a sunny day.

Accessible Refreshments 

beer cooler table

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Whether it’s lemonade or wine, a party needs beverages to be a party. Instead of running in and out to accommodate your guests or making them freeze their fingers off digging through a cooler, make the drinks accessible. If you’re feeling super crafty, try this beer cooler table. If you don’t want to take on a big project, placing drink holders throughout the yard can also help make drinks accessible while people are visiting and playing games.



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If you spend a lot of time in your backyard during the summer, you may be getting to know your neighbors a little too well. Treat your outdoors like an extension of your home by sectioning it off into comfortable spaces that allow for intimate family, friend, or couples time. Hang curtains around your porch, put up wooden screens or, if you want to go all out, build a pergola around your favorite spot.

Bug Protection

citronella candles

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Last but not least, you need to protect your family and guests on top of entertaining them. But that’s a pretty simple task with citronella candles. But if you’re not really a tiki torch person, you can make homemade citronella candles that vibe with your decor. Keeping your backyard bug-free is the final touch! Now you’re ready for a great summer of relaxing and entertaining.

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