Boredom Busters (Summer Edition)-The Lake Country Mom

Kid is bored

Boredom Busters (Summer Edition)-The Lake Country Mom 


Summer can be long and tiring on both the child and the parent. Here are so go-to boredom busters for summer we came up with.

  • Get WET! Whether it’s in the pool, a kiddie pool, a bucket of water (laundry basket), a squirt gun, water balloons, your local lake-they are all fun, just be creative with what you have. Water makes everything way more fun!
  • Read! Read a book everyday, make a reward chart for reading for every 15 minutes read, join your local library’s summer reading program (it’s free!) Pick out a book to read as a family, and discuss it together.
  • Plant! Purchase a packets of seeds, let your child pick, get a small pot, and some dirt. Let your child take care of it, teach them about responsibility! Let them water it, and make sure it gets the sun it’s needs, then watch your child’s excitement as it grows. If you are really feeling creative, let your child paint the pot with a fun decoration!
  • Sell Lemonade! This should be a summer tradition, I even love it as an adult. Buy some cheap lemonade and cups, and fill a cooler with ice….set up a little table, and make a nice big sign. Get some neighbors involved. Teach your child about customer service, and money handling. Plus they can sit out their for hours waiting for a few customers, while you can sit back, relax and read a book! Be creative, add flavors, and fruit to the lemonade, or freeze some fun flavors into ice cubes to add!
  • Paint! Whether it’s on paper, a box, some rocks or any other object you can find. Who doesn’t like painting? There are all sorts of paints that are easy to mage and easy to clean up! Designate your child to wear a “painting” shirt so you don’t have to worry about getting messy or wear an apron or smock!
  • Hunt! A Scavenger Hunt that is. Be creative-make a list, it can be outside in nature, in your house, at the store, in your neighborhood, anywhere! Stop at the dollar store to pick up some prizes!
  • Pretend! Let your child play waitress, hair stylist, barista, doctor, nurse, whatever it may be! YOU, the parent(s) be the customer, the client, the patient…they will LOVE you for it! Add props or use their imagination.Cook! Everyone kid, young and older loves to cook! Use a kid friendly recipe such as one of these.
  • Picnic! Pack a picnic-for the whole family. Pack a little lunch boxes, or a picnic basket.  Bring a blanket. Add some dessert for a fun surprise. Head to your local park. Enjoy the memory, and take some pictures.
  • Make a jar! Write down these and more boredom buster ideas, put them in a jar, and pull one out and do it!

We love you, Lake Country!

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