Who is The Lake Country Mom?

I have been hearing all about The Lake Country Mom. What is it? Who is she? Where can I find her?

Well, I am The Lake Country Mom. My name is Rachel. I live in lake country (Hartland.) I adore everything about these communities and their sense of hometown pride. I have been always looking for stuff to do, see what is coming up. I love being creative-to crafts, to activities to fun games! I have one daughter-who occupies most of my time..and we always Live. Life. Creatively. -and that is my motto! There are many local and nearby blogs, pages, and websites that are similar to ours-but we will stand out with the unique take on reviews of events, places, and activities that we try! I will also share our DIY crafts we make, fun recipes to try, ways to stop the “I’m bored,” and of course a calendar filled with something to do locally everyday! Help me spread the word. Have an idea or comment send me a message! Would you like to sponsor/advertise with us? See our tab and send me a message! Thank-you!

We love you, Lake Country!

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