looking for one last adventure before school starts?

Did you know that you can enjoy all the fun at Great Wolf Lodge without spending the night?! Neither did I! That is until Great Wolf Lodge reached out to us & invited us to come spend the day there.

Families can actually buy day passes & enjoy the indoor water park & outdoor water park they have. They only allow a certain amount of day passes to be sold each day so the parks don’t get overcrowded. (When you are purchasing your tickets online, it will let you know if that day is available or not as they have to consider the amount of hotel guests as well.)

So my family & I made our way to the Wisconsin Dells. For us it was just over an hour drive. I think it took 1 hour & 15 minutes to be exact which isn’t bad at all.

The night before I did a little research to see what they had to offer & what kind of things we would get to enjoy. They have over 50 activities! My kids couldn’t wait.

Once we arrived, we picked up our passes. (Passes are free for children 2 & under) My little guy was mesmerized and we had only made our way to the front desk. We took the elevators down & arrived to the water park. Which by the way is a nice 84 degrees inside.

When you walk in there is a lifeguard standing next to a ruler & they will measure your child’s height. Then they will give them a colored wrist band which will let you know what slides they can & cannot go on. They also have life jackets available free of charge.

We took our own towels, which I highly recommend. They do have towels you can use for a small fee, but if you can take your own, they are easier to point out. I tried to keep our bag that we were taking inside as small as possible. I didn’t want to lug around a ton of stuff.

They do have lockers available for a small fee. There are 3 different sized lockers. If you do get a locker, you will have to use your debit or credit card as it is a kiosk that you use. We went with the largest size which was $15. It does sound like a lot. But you can go in and out of your locker as many times as you need. If I remember right, the prices were $10, $12, & $15 for the 3 sizes.

We put our towels down at a table & just locked our bag up.

I ended up wearing my swimsuit with a coverup on the way there but they do have bathrooms that you can change in.

This place has something for every age. There is a TON to do with little kids. We played in Fort Mackenzie for a good portion of our trip. They have the giant bucket that fills up with water & tips over about every 5 minutes or so.

Must haves for your day trip:

  • Towels
  • Life jacket or Puddle Jumper for your little one. (They do have life jackets available if you chose not to bring)
  • Goggles (This was super helpful for my little guy)
  • Sunscreen (If you do plan on going outside)
  • A change of clothes for the ride home
  • Debit card/Cash (If you plan on using lockers make sure you have your card on you)
  • Flip flops or water shoes (not required but helpful walking through the pools)

So if you are looking for one last adventure before school starts, check out the Great Wolf Lodge. You can enjoy the luxury of the indoor water park without having to stay overnight.


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