A Note to Myself on My Daughter’s First Day of Kindergarten

A Note to Myself on My Daughter’s First Day of Kindergarten //

Slow down, Mom.

Let her pick out her outfit, even though you can do it faster. Let her do her own hair, even though you can do it faster. Let her pack her lunch, even though you can do it faster. Let her put all the keychains she owns on her sparkly unicorn backpack, even though you can do it faster.

Slow down, Mom.

Because you can’t slow down her first smile, her first step or her first loose tooth. Because you can’t slow down kindergarten, high school or college. Because she’s in a hurry to grow up.

Slow down, Mom.

Before you know it, you’ll be attempting to heal a broken heart instead of a scraped knee. Before you know it, you’ll be watching her drive herself to school instead of riding the bus. Before you know it, you’ll trade tutus for prom dresses. Before you know it, you’ll be crying those tears down the aisle, instead of the hallway from kindergarten.

Slow down, Mom.

Slow down the moments, because you can’t slow down the years.

Slow down, Mom.

All photos are courtesy of Missy Scharer Photography. Missy specializes in Day in the Life Storytelling Sessions. Missy describes these unique sessions below. “Storytelling sessions are a beautiful way to document your family as you are. I will photograph your family how I see you through my lens. I will spend the majority of the time together photographing you in a documentary way, meaning I won’t move objects or alter the environment, I won’t direct you or pose you. In some cases, we’ll select an activity that is fun for your family. Think about what you love to do as a family, or if you could choose your “best day ever” what would that be? We can stay at your home or go out on the town, whatever your family loves to do I want to be there to document it.” Visit her website ( to learn more or book your session today.


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