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Resuming the story about my pregnancy, my third trimester went from the beginning of April until June 11 when our son, Cameron James, was born (15 days early). I’ll get to Cameron’s arrival on my next posts, but this one is focusing on that final trimester. I call this one the “it’s getting real trimester.” 

To say I felt big was an understatement. But oddly I had not gained that much weight—28 pounds (the average person gains 25-35). I do have fibroids in my uterus that they found during my miscarriage which made my stomach larger. My doctor was keeping an eye on them so they wouldn’t interfere with Cameron’s space.  

Staying active—well I tried, but the closer to the end I got, the harder it got. I did manage to have some fun. I met up with some of my high school friends and coincidentally, two of them were pregnant. We went to Thirsty Duck for bowling, and if you haven’t gone, it’s fun! You don’t have to do much, so it’s easy no matter how big your belly is. It was nice to talk with the ladies, because they both have been pregnant before and I could ask them some questions about pregnancy and what to expect for the rest. And I attended a Board & Brush night with friends and made a new project for our house. But overall, I did enjoy sitting on my couch with my feet up often—maybe a little too much.

During these final months, we wanted to make sure my stepdaughters weren’t feeling neglected. A lot of my and my hubby’s time was focused on getting things ready for the baby. So, we made sure to make things special for them too—a mini shopping spree for their new rooms, and an awesome Easter scavenger hunt with fun surprises were just a few of the things we did. (The girls said it was the best Easter hunt ever!) 

My hubby and I also wanted to spend some special time together before the baby came. We went to the Brewers Game for our two-year anniversary, as it would probably be our only game we would attend this year. We splurged on some nice seats in left field (the ‘keep-your-eyes-on-the-ball-as-all-the-foul-ones-go-here’ kind of seats), but unfortunately my pregnant body didn’t cooperate for too long and the seats hurt. We walked around a bit and even caught moments of the Bucks playoff game (something unique to see at Miller Park) and then we decided to leave early. It was still quality time for just the two of us and I really enjoyed it.  

My hubby was also generous with going out to eat, a thing he doesn’t like to do too often because it costs money. But he justified it by saying once the baby arrives, we won’t be going out much. And this momma didn’t complain and enjoyed eating all the things! 

I also attended the birthing and breastfeeding classes at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. My husband had attended the birthing class with his first child, but that was over 12 years ago, so I asked that he attend for a refresher. He reluctantly said yes and came along. I found both classes to have some value to them and am glad I attended, but really found the breastfeeding class the most beneficial. Much of the birthing class didn’t apply to the way my birth happened. As a first-time mom, I suggest that everyone take it still and if you plan to breastfeed, take that class too. 

Self-care was important and realizing once the baby arrived that I may be in a lot of pictures meant it was time to cover all the grey and make the hair look presentable. I was also treated to a pedicure from a friend the day before my water broke. I can’t say that one led to the other, but it could be possible from what I have read online. And I had gorgeous blue toes for delivery! 

My baby showers were in May and I am so appreciative of all the love and support we received from my friends and family. We received many thoughtful gifts as well as kind words/advice were shared with me before the big day. Registry hint – register for all sizes of diapers. 😊 Also, shout out to Thunder Bay Grille for the awesome setup for my shower and great food! Sweet Perfections, you outdid yourselves again on another scrumptious cake. 

They talk about this nesting thing that happens to expectant moms – yep, definitely happened to me! I started to clean EVERYTHING and re-sorted the clothes in the nursery a few times. Storage hack – hang onsies three to a hanger to save space and see what you all have. I even found the time and energy to prep a few meals for once the baby arrived. I made five freezer meals and had plans to make stuffed shells and lasagna, but the day I planned it for, my water broke… that didn’t happen.  

Aches and pains – you betcha! My back pain became so bad, it was hard for me to sit in the car. My OB told me it was the way I sit while driving, but even as a passenger or on a chair at home, it hurt.  She suggested I try a massage, and oh was it luxurious. (Thanks Massage Envy!) Though the therapist couldn’t do a full massage, he worked on the spasm spot for a long time and I felt healed…for a few days. Unfortunately, the pain came back and I decided to just deal until the baby arrived.

I also purchased a belly band to help with the weight of my growing belly putting strain on my back. I wore it a few times, but found it somewhat annoying with how often I had to go to the bathroom (which you do A LOT). 

Cameron was breech and wasn’t flipping like he was supposed to, and we almost had to schedule a c-section. Luckily, I tried a trick and he flipped. I used my grandma’s ironing board and rested it from the couch seat to the floor. Then I inverted myself on it and laid upside down for twenty minutes. To say I looked odd would be an understatement. I also put an ice pack on the top of my belly as well to help him flip. I had no idea if it would work, but at my ultrasound the next day, it showed it worked. HALLELUJAH!

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure with one month to go and had to have some extra tests run to make sure all was good. I had to do blood pressure readings a few times a day and had more frequent doctor appointments so they could keep an eye on things. Luckily, it stayed under control. I had some pretty bad swelling in my ankles at the end as well. It would usually go down each night, but by mid-day, I was rather swollen and had to put my feet up. Not exactly bed rest, but just told to take it easy and stay off my feet when I could—thus the couch sitting.

The next post will be my favorite of this series because I get to share the arrival of Cameron and how my life changed forever on June 11 😊 Stay tuned.

Sarah Appleton

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