Halloween Fun at Home

This year has definitely been different to say the least, and no one knows what our new normal will look like. Going into the colder months, we are going to be spending more time indoors and many holidays may look quite a bit different this year. 

Halloween is up next and while some communities are continuing with normal traditions, not all are or some may choose to not participate to be safest. My family still plans to participate in our neighborhood Trick-or-Treat and have some friends join us. But we have adjusted our typical event to be exclusively outdoors with social distancing and everyone’s safety in mind. If you don’t plan to do the Trick or Treating this year, but still want your kids to have some fun, I have some ideas for you. 

Costume Contest: Have everyone use items from around the home to come up with the best costume. Or have each person dress another person in the house in the wackiest outfit. Or, pick up some items from the dollar store or Amazon and have a contest of who can craft the best outfits. We did this for my step-daughter’s birthday party and it was a huge hit. 

Carve Pumpkins: There is no shortage on pumpkins this year. We picked up some large ones at the Waukesha Farmers’ Market for really good prices. We find patterns online and carve them up to put on our porch for the big day. I even splurged on fancy battery-operated tea lights that change colors this year.  

Bonfire and S’mores: There is nothing like a bonfire on a crisp fall night. Grab your chairs and blankets, bundle up a bit, and enjoy the warmth of the fire. We found some magic fire packets that when added to the fire, the flames turn green and purple and were a huge hit with the kids. Read some spooky stories and enjoy a s’more or two. May I recommend using a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup as your chocolate to take it up a level! 

Halloween Movies: You can’t flip through the channels on your TV without catching some Halloween-themed movie this time of year. Freeform network does a complete 31 Nights of Halloween and many other networks are showing the classics: Ghostbusters, Hocus Pocus, and more. 

Spooky Food & Drink: Get the family together and make a fun dinner or treat for Halloween. I recommend a Taco Dip Graveyard or Cold-Pack Cheese Pumpkin. Apple cider is a great warm-me-up treat as well. Let the kids have fun and have some caramel, Red Hots, and oranges to make it fancy. 

Indoor Trick or Treat: And it wouldn’t be Halloween without the candy. Just as the kids have to work for it on Trick-or-Treat, make it a fun experience and do a candy scavenger hunt. Think Easter Egg hunt or give them clues to find each candy treasure. 

2020 is all about making do with what we can. We will remember this year and hopefully can look back on it later with laughter about the dumpster fire it was. Make the most of it and try to bring your children memories that they can look back on fondly to remember this year by. 

Happy Halloween everyone and stay safe! 

Sarah Appleton

Hi! I’m Sarah, 38, and have lived in Waukesha for over 10 years. My husband has two tweenage daughters, Violet and Samantha, and they live with us half the time. We also have my son Cameron, just turned one, who is my whole world. We have a rescue pup, Letty, who is an Alabama Designer dog–an Australian Sheperd/Catahoula/who-knows-what-else mix. She keeps us on our toes, wanting food and attention all the time. Being a new mom to Cameron and an insta-mom to the girls brings joys and challenges, but I am soaking in every minute because kids are only kids for so long. I love Waukesha and have my own blog about my experiences in the area. When I’m not out and about in the city, I’m enjoying time with my friends grilling out, drinking wine, and playing games—Uno is one of our faves. Or I’m in my kitchen trying new recipes or recreating ones I have had at local restaurants to share on my Sundays with Sarah  // FoodFunWaukesha Facebook // Instagram // Blog

We love you, Lake Country!

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