Beat the Winter Blues – Take a Staycation

You know that moment when you’re almost to the point of pulling out your eyelashes because you just stopped the umpteenth fight between your kids, and you haven’t left the house in two weeks because a snow storm hit, then pink eye was spread from one kid to the other kid then to your husband, and then another snow storm hit? When this feeling hits you, I have a solution to consider.

Plan a spontaneous mini-vacation, or perhaps even a staycation right here in Lake Country. When you are down in the winter dumps, nothing will lift your spirits higher than getting the heck out of your house for a night (or two)!

When I was recently having the afore mentioned moment, my husband and I quickly planned a trip to Madison. We found an internet site I’d never used before ( that enabled us to get a great deal on a room at the Madison Concourse Hotel, right on the Capitol Square, just a few blocks from the Children’s Museum and Orpheum Theater. I fully recommend this location, and this hotel in particular, for the following reasons:

1) It is far enough away that you feel like you are having an adventure

2) It is close enough that you can quickly go home if you realize your plan was ill-conceived (for instance, if you have a baby/toddler that has never slept in the same room with your entire family). I’ve found that when I have an escape plan, it gives me the sense of security that I need for my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants plan to be enjoyable rather than terrifying.

3) From the Capitol Square, there are multiple family-friendly outing options in walking distance. For instance, we spent a few hours at the Children’s Museum. Afterward, we had an enjoyable dinner at The Old Fashioned with my two-year old screaming periodically in frustration or joy, and no one hearing us over the boisterous noise of the restaurant.

4) The Madison Concourse Hotel has some nice perks including a swimming pool, ideal for splashing off all your kids’ pent-up winter energy, as well as an onsite restaurant with room service that is actually quite good and reasonably priced. Breakfast in bed + swimming? Yes and yes!

Madison was our choice but you could certainly find a similar experience in Milwaukee or even somewhere right here in Lake Country.

We have all sorts of ideas!

If you want to stay close, here are a few local options you could consider:
1) The Ingleside Hotel in Pewaukee – includes an indoor water park!
2) Staybridge Suites in Oconomowoc – includes a swimming pool and buffet breakfast!
3) Wildwood Lodge in Pewaukee – includes swimming pool, warm cookies at check-in, and deluxe hot breakfast!
4) Delafield Hotel – offering a Spring Staycation Package in March and April: More info here

So, when the winter blues start taking you captive, remember that you have options. Change your scenery and refresh your perspective. Cheers!

Photo by Jeff Dunham

Hey y’all! I’m Katie and I live in Delafield with my husband, Mike, and two little girls. Lizzie is 4 and Anna is almost 2. We moved to Lake Country a little less than a year ago and we are so happy to be in such a wonderful community. I am originally from Arkansas but have moved around for my career, living in Chicago for several years and then most recently Seattle for 8 years before settling down here. I recently left my career in software account management to become a stay-at-home-mom and I’ve been relieved with the slower pace. Some of my favorite things include reading, listening to podcasts, writing, volunteering, and doing crafts with my kids. I have a mild obsession with Costco and I wouldn’t want to live without my chap stick. I love learning new things and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to write about the things I learn for The Lake Country Mom!

We love you, Lake Country!

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