Branches of a Tree-Four Generations of Women

Four Generations

“Our family is like the branches of a tree. We may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.”

With each passing year, another generation is born, another one may pass on. It’s incredible to see the differences in each generation, isn’t it? The women in my family are incredible, and there is quite a few. It got me thinking how fortunate I am to actually be able to have us altogether in the same room, with the same values and moments we can share. I often spend time hanging out with my mom, my grandma, and my daughter-that is 4 generations of us. I was taken back on some occasions, knowing the reality that it won’t be like this forever. With each year we get older, we age, and eventually we will lose a generation, until it’s down to one. Anothergeneration will start when my daughter has children. My hope is that she will cherish those days, when she is the grandmother-sitting there with her daughter, and her grand-daughter and her great-grandaughter. I wish with all my heart that she will be able to experience that joy.

Four Generations of Women

My mom and grandma have a significant presence in my life. I go to my mom for almost everything in my life-advice, comfort, just to chat, we shop, we craft, we come up with crazy and fun ideas, she does the same with her mom (my grandma.) I talk to by grandma often on the phone, I will call her for advice, to tell her some big news, to see how she is doing, to talk with her about her book club, help with a recipe, we go to movies, swim, go out to eat. As you can see, they are not only my family, but just like friends. I hope I instill these values into my daughter (she’s 8)-I am pretty positive I have already. She is there, and she sees how we interact, the love that is there. She enjoys the company of her grandma and great-grandma just as much (if not more) than hanging out with a friend her age. I know the way I “parent” is a mix- of course of my own style but heavily from the way I was raised. I show love and affection, I use appraisal, I engage in activities and provide creative outlets for her to grow both mentally, physically and emotionally. This is how I was brought up, and I know with each generation-traits, habits, lessons are passed own. We will tweak, correct, and make it fit our own life, but it’s incredible to experience.

Now onto the day we took these great photos.

I told my mom and my grandma about this idea I had. I wanted to get us together and take some pictures and write blog post about it. A bit skeptical, they just asked, “why, for what reason?” I told them, because I love you and you will see. So here I sit, writing about these crazy chicks I call my family. Ha. We had fun, it was a morning full of laughs. We enlisted my Aunt Pam to be our photographer and creative director for the day. She had great ideas and fun ways to pose. (Some will not be posted, due to unflattering angles.) We laid on wooden floors, leaned over the deck, played on the patio, made shapes with our hands-and the best we danced in the backyard. Wait, what? My aunt Pam suggested we pick our favorite dance moves and she would capture the moment. The best thing is, is that we were in my grandma’s backyard and we were caught by here neighbor being dancin’ fools. So take a peak, here we are doing the twist, the sprinkler, the hustle and the swim.  We had a great morning, and laughed pretty good.

Dancing Generations

LuAnn, Age 54 • Rachel, Age 31•  Charlotte, Age 75  • Cameron, Age 8

(my mom, me, my grandma, and my daughter)

We love you, Lake Country!


  1. Jody Reed says

    That was a beautiful post about our family (Yes, I am her sister) And it made me tear up. Reading things like this make me miss living close to you and our family. I cherish every day and think of all you everyday. You inspire me to be creative and cherish the small moments in our lives even though I am not there everyday.

    • Rachel Reed says

      Thank-you, Jody. You are the best sister ever and I miss you daily. I would love to do a picture of us together. You mean the world to me. Thanks for your kind words. I love you!

  2. Julie Benedict says

    This was so awesome Rach, that you all took the time to put this together. I loved seeing it, makes me wish I could do the same thing with my mom and grandma. It makes me proud to say you guys are all my family too!

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