Find Your Flavor Soulmate | Chobani Flips!

I love yogurt! I especially love Chobani, the creamy goodness of Greek yogurt is so amazing! My daughter has been a he fans of the Chobani Flips with all the fun flavors! In celebration of Chobani Flips, we’re inviting you to flip out and find your flavor soulmate! Craving that late night fix and can’t decide if you’re team sweet or team spicy? Don’t want to choose at all? No worries, they’ve got your back.
They have created a fun flowchart to help you find out which Flip is perfect for you! We have attached their flavor soulmate flowchart to help you find out what Flip works best for you.


So what is your style? Are you a fries + ice-cream kinda person? Are you spicy, sweet or salty? We’d love to hear your outcome! #FlipForYou

Check out their product page as resource for some healthy snacks options!

Read the Chobani story, HERE.

We love you, Lake Country!

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