Why I Chose Karate for My Child (and you should too!)

It was a sunny Saturday at the Waukesha Farmer’s Market as we passed by a booth for Karate America. Lily, my 5-year-old, has always been a shy, timid little girl who loves a good “spinny” dress. When she was approached by one of the instructors that day, I wanted to politely decline. Within minutes of introducing himself, he had Lily responding with a confident “Yes, sir!” and doing some basic karate moves.

We left the market with a meeting scheduled (that I was sure we would cancel) to get Lily her karate uniform and to meet the instructors…and we’ve been doing karate since! Here are five reasons why we have loved karate, and why we’ll continue to enroll our daughter:

Discipline–Have you ever seen a group of twelve five-year-olds sitting still with their obedient eyes focused directly on the adult in charge? Yeah, I hadn’t either. That is, until I sat in on a Little Ninjas class. Students are encouraged to “focus their eyes, focus their minds, and focus their bodies” during the 30-minute class.

Confidence–I have seen vast improvement in my daughter’s confidence over the past few months. I may have a shy, timid little girl at home, but, on the mat, she’s incredibly confident and self-assured. The instructors’ use of positive feedback makes a world of difference when it comes to what students are capable of during class.

Exercise–We can count on Lily working up a sweat for at least 30 minutes a week. The focus on staying healthy is such a great perk!

Fun–I have often heard Lily say “Monday is my favorite day of the week!” Karate has added some fun into our busy week! I am happy to know that she is enjoying her time as she works on her skills and forms.

Personal Growth–Unlike team sports, karate gives participants a chance to develop at their own pace. They are encouraged to practice skills and forms at home, and they earn stripes on their belts as they learn new skills.

Megan Karabon
the lake country momHi!  I’m Megan—a thirty-something working mama living in Waukesha. During the day, I am a high school English teacher for Milwaukee Public Schools. In the evenings, I am chef, chauffeur, and activities director for my little family. I am married to my awesome husband, Christopher, and together we have two girls, Lily and Eva. I am currently enrolled in a masters program at Carroll University and plan to be finished with my MEd in summer 2020. I am a Disney fanatic, total Cheesehead, and a reality TV junkie! I love exploring all of what Lake Country has to offer, especially riding the abundant bike trails and trying out new restaurants. // Facebook / Instagram

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