Welcome, Breathe Salt and Sauna!

I had the pleasure of being invited to join the soft opening of Breathe Salt & Sauna in Johnson Creek.

 What a treat! I have never had a salt therapy treatment and was surprised to learn of the health benefits that go along with it. Upon arriving at the studio I was greeted by Dee, wellness manager, Laurie, owner and Kayla, wellness coordinator. These kind women gave me a tour of the facility along with helping me understand what I was going to experience in the salt room. The studio is extremely clean, well lit and full of beautiful salt products and salt lamps that are lit and glow throughout the office.  There are two large salt rooms, one for 6 adults in which the floor is covered in coarse salt and the walls glow with salt bricks that give the room a pink hue, and a second room where parents and kids can enjoy this treatment.

There is soft music playing and in both rooms, and in my session, I joined 5 other adults where we relaxed and meditated for 45 minutes while a fine mist of therapeutic grade salt pumped into the room creating the lightest of fog. Prior to taking our seats, Dee gave us instructions on how best to utilize the room by breathing deeply. Each lounge chair had a box of tissue and the option of a blanket. Everyone got a bottle of water and our treatment began.

Not knowing what to expect, I relaxed and practiced my deep breathing.  There was a moment where I felt like I wanted to cough, as you can feel the salt mist kind of expand your lung capacity. Strange as it sounds, the feeling is like a tickle that dissipated as the service continued.  At the end, Dee kindly opened the door post 45 mins and we exited. My first thought was WOW, I was not expecting any changes, but, my chest felt like I could take the deepest breath and I felt extremely clear.

My second service was the infrared sauna, and let me share….. be prepared to get HOT and sweat. This service also lasts 45 minutes and the sauna starts at a temperature of 135 degrees with the potential to move up to 155 degrees. Since your heating from the inside out the intensity takes a moment to adjust to, but for me, I LOVED it. It warmed me to the bone. There are two saunas and both are equipped with chromotherapy, soft music and the luxury of being alone. After the service, there were cool towels in a fridge infused with doTerra aromatherapy that completed this service and made it my all-time favorite. The studio offers, organic fruit if you choose and a Berkey water system to enjoy fresh pure water.

Breathe Salt and Sauna launches it’s Grand Opening April 14th and I am certain it will be a huge success. Jon and Laurie, the owners, have followed their path and have brought to Johnson Creek and the surrounding communities an amazing service! I highly recommend taking a moment to visit, as they are offering introductory pricing and have many grand opening activities.

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Pamela Reinemann
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