Meet Sophia of Scentsory Bath + Body Boutique

I love when you walk into a shop and you are greeted with a sincere welcome. Not an eager over-the-top sales person wanting to sell you something. Instead an experience where you are truly welcomed, and the staff is excited to see you. The ambience. The smell. The products. Your senses are stimulated. You feel excited to be shopping there. I am speaking of Scentsory Bath + Body Boutique located in the very heart of downtown Oconomowoc. Every single time I have visited this is what I have experienced. I have been in major awe since the very first step I made in the door. Every single purchase is something to talk about. The quality of the products, the scents, the feeling-all of it, down to the packaging to the bag you walk out the door with. Astonishing. So, I thought y’all need to learn all about Scentsory Bath + Body Boutique and the owner, hostess extraordinaire Sophia Barry. I asked her a series of questions. She went above and beyond to share her story and her passion.

Meet Sophia. Sophia Barry. 

What is Scentsory?

Located in charming historic Downtown Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Scentsory Bath & Body Boutique is a shopping destination carrying over 34 varieties of handmade bath balls. It’s like Lush by Local! Handmade scrubs, salts, gorgeous loaf soap and the first ever fragrance bar, where you can create a custom fragrance for yourself or gifting. It’s impossible to leave empty handed.

What better way than to hear it from her own words?

The start
Scentsory came together in a very natural way for me. It was one of those “meant to be” things where rather then an uphill struggle it was a smooth process to create Scentsory. I think that’s simply because all the pieces were there. My Wellness Coaching business had gone from one-on-one coaching to more group settings such as seminars and make-and-take parties focused around essential oils, the importance of self-care, etc. Handmade products were a huge part of that. Before getting my education in wellness and that business, I had worked in retail management for about 12 years, always in higher-end boutique settings- sometimes locally owned, some nationally. Scentsory combines both aspects of my expertise. I have always had a natural affinity for quality-quality service, quality products, quality atmosphere. Nothing less will do, especially when you are a brick + mortar store…the customer deserves it! And they recognize it and will keep on coming back, shopping making sure you do well if they receive it. That’s always been my experience.

Ingredients are everything
The products are made with organic ingredients whenever possible- it’s sometimes cost prohibitive but I do it when I can. I’m very conscience of keeping products at a price point where customers can shop for daily use- our skin is our largest organ and should be treated with premium quality products that we love, not just on special occasions. I often have people comment on how my products don’t give them a headache like Lush or Bath & Body Works- that’s because I use natural ingredients! The bombs, salts and soaps will never stain your tub and I keep clean-up in mind when I do include (small) amounts of glitter- I’m a mom too! The fun of making your own premium quality perfume, comparable to Sephora, but totally personal from top note to base note- is pretty cool. Private parties are booking up fast, and I knew they would. It’s all the fun of make and take- with none of the mess and refreshments on the house in a gorgeous and girly setting- what’s not to love?!
Community trailblazer 
Another big aspect of who I am is being community oriented. I was a board member of my first neighborhood association when I was only 19! I chose to buy a home rather than rent when I was 20 because I so value creating a home, and neighborhood feel. Oconomowoc’s Downtown impressed me so much the first time passing through it, it immediately felt like home. The 1800’s buildings downtown are irreplaceable. the charm is so authentic- and the lakes- the lakes are RIGHT THERE- and functional! The kids fishing with their parents, visitor and residents walking to City Beach, shoppers going from shop to shop… a community so safe and close knit you can leave your bike unlocked while you’re in the coffeshop. It’s idyllic, it really is; Lake Country in general is but especially Oconomowoc. Leaving the “North Shore” Shorewood where I grew up, Whitefish Bay where we had settled- felt easy…No Milwaukee County… instead beautiful natural surroundings providing countless opportunities for outdoor adorable downtown… gorgeous Victorian homes- (I’m spoiled I love great architecture)… most importantly people with values similar to me, community focused, positive, family-oriented. Love, Love, Love!
Getting involved 
I joined DOBA and the Chamber of Commerce right away. For those who don’t know- the Downtown Oconomowoc Business Association is hugely responsible for the majority of “fun downtown events” in Oconomowoc. It is run on 100% volunteer basis, by business owners such as myself. We take time out of our already crazy busy business owner lives, and money out of our own budgets-  our dues, manpower, etc to fund the things that make for great times in Downtown O-town- the Fall Festival, Chili Fest, the Ladies Nights. It’s a labor of love for every DOBA member. Because that is a huge part of being a small business owner. I’m personally passionate about community involvement and like to generate success in anything I devote my time to.
Before opening my Health Coaching business years ago I went through the Small Business Development Centers’s Entrepreneurial Training Program and several other courses at their UWM extension program. I don’t believe it risk -taking without research; and running a business is an art form and a science, but most of all a ton of hard work and risk. I continue to work with the SBDC when I have questions and would love to work with other business owners down the road, perhaps in the coaching format in conjunction with the SBDC to help them be their best (and most successful) selves. I’ve gone back to speak to several incoming classes in the program at UWM and am always inspired by the new entrepreneurs and honored to share my experiences with the programming. Oconomowoc is an amazing climate to open a new business- the City is very empowering to help you along the way, and innovation and creativity is appreciated and fostered. Creating fun for our community and a vibrant and strong downtown isn’t just good for the businesses- it’s part of being “the change we want to see in the world”. Shopping local is too! I have four employees, hire local contractors and artists to create my furnishings and displays, and personally live walking distance to my shop. It’s not just a trite saying- shopping local really does make a healthy community.
The vision 
At Scentsory I hope to provide a boutique, for years to come, that we can proudly share with our friends and family from out of town, that we can pop in to with our kids for a bathbomb reward for listening (or what have you), we can get out of the house to, a walking destination where we can treat ourselves to a lovely self care package for under 20, even under 10 bucks. Always count on a greeting, a conversation, personal help and a smile. That’s what a boutique should feel like. Thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far- we are off to a great first 6 months! Please continue to share with those you love and shop local at Scentsory with pride!
Scentsory Bath + Body Boutique is located at 152 E. Wisconsin Ave // Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 53066
Tel: 262-354-3131
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