Momtrepreneur Launches Company to Counter the Princess Craze

I Don’t Want to be a Princess™ inspires and empowers girls and women to become anyone they want to be and to accomplish anything they want to do. I thought this was powerful and so true especially today in our society. Read all about it, from Beckie Thompson, Founder:

The Mission

I Don’t Want to be a Princess is THE girls empowerment destination focused on inspiring and encouraging girls to become anyone they want to be and to accomplish anything they want to do. We do this by sharing stories of girls and women who have stayed true to themselves and challenged societal conventions of what a girl should be. We support and promote this philosophy by encouraging individuality, celebrating empowerment and inspiring others to join our endeavor.
About Us
I Don’t Want to be a Princess started with a story.

One day, a friend and I were discussing strong, influential women. I told her a story about a family vacation when my daughter, Keira, was almost five years old. During the vacation, Keira was referred to continually as ‘princess’. After tolerating this for a while, she turned to me and said, “Mommy, this is so annoying. I don’t want to be a princess; I want to be a pilot.”

I told the story as a funny anecdote to the conversation we were having. However, my friend became quite serious and told me how parents and girls everywhere could relate to my daughter’s reaction and would benefit greatly from an initiative focused on empowering girls.

To me, Keira’s reaction was incredibly impressive for another reason. Keira is on the autism spectrum, so for her to make such a pertinent observation that is relatable to girls and women everywhere was astounding. Keira understood at a young age what has now become a powerful, pervasive societal conversation.

I thought carefully about Keira’s comment and knew I couldn’t be the only parent looking for an alternative to the princess craze. I began talking to other parents, and the response was overwhelming! Moms and dads felt limited in where they could find sources of inspiration as well as appropriate products for their daughters who didn’t want to be a princess.

And so, I Don’t Want to be a Princess™ was born.

My goal is to turn a simple story into an empowering page-turner, and I welcome everyone to join me.

Beckie Thompson,

I Don’t Want to be a Princess™

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