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As a blogger I am often asked to try things out. I only say yes if it is something that interests me. When the owner of Iron Tribe Fitness in Pewaukee connected with me and called, I was so excited! I heard of them and have read about them on Facebook. But, I was not completely sure what they were all about. After talking with Jason Loomis, owner of Iron Tribe on the phone his enthusiasm and excitement intrigued me. After not much thought I agreed to take the 30 day 101 class.



First. What is Iron Tribe Fitness? Ok. Let’s start here, per their website:

A simple system of body movements, personal coaching, and healthy nutrition that makes you a better athlete. Which makes you a better, more fit and healthier person.

First, you complete Iron Tribe 101. It’s the 30-day program that teaches you the basic movements, as well as nutrition secrets that produce the fastest gains.

After you graduate from 101 (with a certificate!), you’ve made new friends and new fitness gains, and you realize, “I can do this!”

Then, you’re ready for the full Iron Tribe Fitness program…

Classes are available mornings, afternoons, and nights, Monday-Friday, at our facilities around the nation. Classes are only 45 minutes long, in 3 parts: warm-up, workout of the day (WOD), and cool down. These 3 elements change every day, so there’s always something new!

Okay. But what really is Iron Tribe? (From my experience)

It is a place to workout and always feel welcome, always feel confident and always feel like you are part of a team. The people you work out with become your friends. The coaches are incredible and always have your best interest at heart. You learn proper techniques, a lot of which you probably have never tried before. You learn to listen to your body, you learn that you truly are capable of more than you think.

Who is Iron Tribe?

  • Women who want to feel confident — physically and emotionally… to have more energy for work and play… and to like what they see when they look in the mirror
  • Men who want to feel strong and warrior-like… to be physically ready for “battle” when needed… and to like the reflection they see
  • Mothers who need strength and stamina to chase those kids around all day… and more energy for their mates
  • Fathers who need a release from daily frustration, stress, and tension… and more energy for their wives and children
  • Business professionals who must have mental acuity, physical stamina, and emotional stability to perform at the highest levels in today’s economy
  • Men over 50 who must beat the 7 deadly threats to male health: Arthritis… Alzheimer’s… Stroke… Heart Disease… Prostate Cancer… Pain… Vision Loss
  • Women over 50 who must beat the 7 deadly threats to female health: Osteoporosis… Breast Cancer… Arthritis… Alzheimer’s and Stroke… Pain… Vision Loss… Heart Disease
  • Students and athletes who must battle peer pressure… be physically ready to compete in sports… and perform at their best academicallyTribe

What is Iron Tribe 101?

Kettlebells, Dead lifts, pull-ups–Oh my! Ha! No, really. So much fun. Sounds way scarier that its. I promise.

I went to the Iron Tribe 101 program at the Pewaukee location, which is 12 workouts over a span of 30 days. It’s required because there’s a lot for you to know and learn before you graduate to our regular classes. The coaches will teach you gradually and you build your skills each week, along with your confidence!

The strength behind the 101 program is the promise and ability to take individuals of all ages from humble beginnings toward advanced fitness. Rest assured that you’ll be entering an environment where their team has years of experience and proven results for the best value possible.

You spend the hour divided into learning new workouts, practicing those workouts, then the actual workout and ended with a mini lecture focused on nutrition. We also each got a handy Iron tribe Fuel Manual to follow along and track our journey inside.

After those 30 days I felt stronger and more confident in my ability. I was always the girl more likely to go to a dance class to workout, or try Zumba  or Barre class or even just stick to the treadmills and exercise bikes at the gym. I always avoided lifting weights, or trying anything around “the gym,” as I was intimidated.

I am not going to lie, after the first class, I thought what did I get myself into? But guess what? I kept going back. Each time I left I felt so good about my self and my ability and to know that I worked so hard. The comradery at Iron Tribe was nothing short of amazing. They teach you to encourage one another, and just because you may finish first there is still somebody trying–so let’s root them on, cheer and encourage others to keep pushing! Most of us were strangers on our first day, but 30 days later-it was hard to say goodbye (for now!)

Here I am with my 101 class!

Learn more about the 101 class at Iron Tribe HERE. 

Iron Tribe Fitness in Pewaukee is now offering The Lake Country Mom readers $75 OFF!
Just mention us when you contact them. FREE tour + consultation! Meet the owner, Jason and the amazing and dedicated coaches Anna + Eric! 


Iron Tribe Fitness
 N20W22951 Watertown Rd #111
Waukesha, WI 53186




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Although I (The Lake Country Mom) was invited to try out Iron Tribe Fitness, all opinions and experiences are my own. 

We love you, Lake Country!

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