The Uh-Oh! Box- Creative Parenting

The Uh-Oh! Box- Creative Parenting

How many times day do you tell or yell at your child to put something away? A few, a dozen, a ton? I know with my eight-year old daughter I am constantly reminding her to pick-up her things or put something away after use. I came across a similar version on Pinterest and have seen several variations since. I changed the wording a bit to my liking..but here is a fun and creative way to increase the likelihood of toys and items getting put away. You will have a great time with The Uh-Oh! Box. Creative parenting at its best.

Step 1: Print image or make your own variation

Step 2: But or use existing Rubbermaid clear box/container.

Step 3: Tape the “sign” to top of box.

Step 4: Teach your child the “rules” of the box.

Step 5: Watch them learn to pick up after themselves, after a few times of their things being held hostage.

Step 6: Have fun!

The Uh-Oh! Boz-Creative Parenting

We love you, Lake Country!

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