Why can’t I stop staring in the mirror? (and a giveaway!)

I am a total self-confessed product junkie, I buy and try many different facial cleansers, lotions, creams, etc. The problem is- I usually just waste my money and don’t research them ahead of time. They never do what they say they should do. We have all been there, right?¬†I have have never felt so pampered until this past week when I had the pleasure of trying out some amazing skincare products. I used the products shown below for just a couple of days, and it was all so lovely. Let me count the ways, quality, texture, scent, and knowing that the products aren’t harsh or toxic. In just a few days my skin was refreshed and clean. It is the easiest regimen, and knowing that I was doing something good for my face was really motivating. Let’s first start by saying I am not a skincare expert or beauty blogger. (side note, I am also not a consultant nor am I personally selling) But I do enjoy sharing things I think you will love too! So what did I try? Why couldn’t I stop staring in the mirror? ūüėČ




So, who and what is Beautycounter? A company devoted to personal care progress. Their vision is bold; real answers are never timid. The products are safer and still effective without the harmful chemicals. With them you’ll find a wealth of empowering information about ways we can all make the world healthier, along with safer products you can trust. Because we all deserve better.


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Meet Bethany! Who is Bethany? Why see her for your skin, makeup and hair care needs? She has been an esthetician (skin care specialist) since 2004. Teaching others how to best care for their skin and problem solving is what floats her boat! From oily to dry, acne to aging or plain and simple maintenance. She is happy to help you find your best match in products and work on what skin concerns or goals you may have. You can contact her to set up a free skin care consultation and get a free sample! Yes, FREE!

Contact her @
Bethany Bernhard
bethanybernhard {at}
Bethany’s Beautycounter Facebook Group HERE.

Even better, Bethany is holding a GIVEAWAY on our Facebook page, the link is HERE. 


1st-$100 Beautycounter Giftcard
2nd-$50 Beautycounter Giftcard
3rd-$20 Beautycounter Giftcard

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  1. Holly M says

    It’s important for us mommies to take care of ourselves even though we have lots of house chores to do. We should also treat our selves and have some “me” time.

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