Four tips for an amazing bikini wax!

I can’t think of anyone that wants to shave daily. It’s a hassle, its time consuming and when there are so many other things you can be doing, perhaps it’s time to consider a different strategy.

Waxing your bikini line monthly reduces the amount of hair your body produces and makes for hair-free skin for weeks at a time. Once the hair is removed by the root, not only do you get hair-free skin BUT when the hair is ready to grow back it is usually reduced by about 40 to 50 % so what grows back is thin, weak and inferior hair making subsequent waxes easier and faster and the hair less noticeable.

If I’ve peaked your interest, then here is what will make your waxing appointment the most successful whether it’s the first one or your 100th.

#1 Exfoliate the skin a few days prior to your wax. Doing so will remove dead skin cells and make the current hair more available for the wax to attach to it.

#2 Make sure your hair is long enough for a good first wax. Ideally, you want your hair to be about 1/2inch long.   You can be waxed with shorter hair but doing so might leave some small stubble behind because they are too short to get caught in the wax. Have said that though it’s not unusual for the first wax to leave a few small random hairs behind as the hair does grow in three distinct stages and the first wax it’s difficult to get absolutely every hair. Those cycles catch up in the following waxes to make for a smoother service.

#3 If you are super sensitive there are creams on the market that anaesthetize the skin so that waxing doesn’t hurt as much. Some examples are “no Scream cream” “Dr Numb” and “Dr Edna’s Bare ease

I will say that honestly, my first-time clients are more nervous about me and the experience rather than the actual pulling of the hair. Truth is, the service is usually so fast, that yes, the pull does hurt, but the pain doesn’t linger or hurt once it’s done, a good service provider will have you out in 30 mins or less.

#4 Heed the advice of your service provider for your aftercare. If she is recommending a product it’s probably because she thinks your skin would benefit from it, and most service providers should request that you refrain from putting extra products on the freshly waxed skin, avoid tanning, heat and water that is compromised, (like lakes, pools, jacuzzies and heavy sweating) Please follow their advice, she will keep your skin in good condition!

If I can offer up a last bit of help for anyone thinking about getting their first wax. Consider finding a provider that is seasoned and well trained. Preferably some who waxes at least 50% of her day or more. When you schedule your appointment, ASK how long she has been waxing (not just working in the business but actually waxing) It worth it to pay for a good wax and have a great first experience, so you will enjoy the results and want to come back to maintain it.

Thanks for reading my first blog post on Lake country Mom, I am very thankful to be here and Happy waxing from Wisconsin’s Waxing Girl– Pamela Reinemann •  making the world a less hairy place. xx

Pamela Reinemann
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