No Judgement, Just a Safe Place

No Judgement, Just a Safe Place
from Bethany Bernhard, President, Lake Area Pregnancy Center

It’s not that difficult to stir up a sensitive conversation; get people all jazzed up, and uncover some interesting feelings. Just introduce one of today’s hot current events topics ­like abortion. People are passionate about it. Some for it, some against, but very few are neutral. Now, ask people what they’re doing about it. “How are you rising above the drama and changing the world because of how you feel?” and the silence that meets you will sometimes end the conversation.

Lake Area Pregnancy Center ( LAPC), located in downtown Oconomowoc, does more than talk about important social issues.
Since 1993 we’ve actually served women in need. We’ve come alongside and helped when they needed us most. We’ve walked through life with them. We’re not just about saying “Don’t have an abortion”, we want to be a support system to them for the long run. We’re Pro­Life, of course, but we’re more than that. We’re Pro­Life AFTER Birth. Pro­Marriage. Pro­Parenting. Pro­ Adoption. Most importantly, we’re Pro­Faith. Our volunteer staff goes to great lengths to help women, men, and their children enjoy an abundant life.

NO judgement, just a safe place to come to when you’re in need.

Are you, or is someone you know in a crisis pregnancy situation?
Are you (or are they) considering abortion?
Are you past the point where abortion is an option but you’re struggling with what do next?
Are you nearing your due date and need assistance?
Maybe you’re an overwhelmed new parent feeling lost and wishing this child came with an owner’s manual!

LAPC can help. Call 262-­569-­8007 OR text o ur 24 hour hotline. We use Facebook Messenger too, if that’s easier for you.

LAPC offers Free Pregnancy Tests, Free and Confidential Counseling, Post Abortion Counseling, and education in all stages. Participants in Earn While You Learn classes earn points toward in-­stock supplies, like diapers, clothes, and even larger items. Because we’re well connected, we can offer referrals for other needs that may arise as well.

Are you ready to put action behind your opinion? We’ll help you rise above opinion and prejudice so you become part of someone’s solution. Visit us online at Find and like us on Facebook so you always know what we’re doing and celebrate new [abundant] life with us! Put your faith to work ­with Lake Area Pregnancy Center.

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We love you, Lake Country!

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