Postpartum Must-Haves: One Mom’s Opinion

So, I’m 3 months in to my 3rd postpartum period. Some days it feels like I’m a seasoned veteran, some days like a clueless rookie. I’m blessed (and have been blessed the last 2 times around) with healthy, relatively easy newborns. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few tried and true items that have helped this mama through some long days and longer nights. Remembering that everyone has different experiences, needs and opinions, here are a few things I have found invaluable and convenient in my three times through this journey. These are NOT ads, paid or otherwise – just one mom’s opinion. 

These hygienic wipes that require no water and no rinsing are so convenient for any pumping mama. We all know how much time pumping takes (and how much most of us loathe it). These wipes work great and one wipe is enough to clean every part, each time you pump. Especially with going back to work or traveling, where finding a sink can be difficult, these wipes take at least a touch of the stress out of pumping.

2. Zutano Booties

My go-to baby shower gift!! These booties are incredible. I didn’t discover them until my second kiddo (admittedly my first two were summer babies and didn’t have anything on their feet until month 4) but these are hands down the best. My current baby lives in these.Don’t waste money on baby socks that ALWAYS fall off – these snap in place and actually stay in place. They come in a bunch of colors, fleece or cotton and have grippy bottoms for bigger kids who are starting to stand and walk. Trust me, they are worth it!!

Another product I didn’t use enough until my second. Wear your baby!! You don’t realize how convenient it is to have total use of your hands until you do. My baby is not a great napper unless she’s being held, so wearing her helps immensely with that. I use a Baby K’tan and have loved it. Easy to put on, with no complicated tying. 

Jury is still out on Baby Nelson #3 and a pacifier – some days she loves it, other days she can spit it clear across the room. But my other two were definitely pacifier kids. And this pacifier holder, attached to my diaper bag, made their pacifiers readily available all the time. Every mom knows that digging to the bottom of a diaper bag isn’t easy, especially with a screaming baby. Making those few moments a little less stressful makes a huge difference. 

Speaking of diaper bags, a backpack is the way to go. Again, it is invaluable to have use of both your hands. Whether it’s the grocery store, a doctor’s appointment or out to dinner, a backpack offers just that. I upgraded my diaper bag before #3 was born to the Skip Hop Forma Backpack Diaper Bag. It is the perfect size to accommodate everything for baby, along with a change of clothes for her newly potty-trained older brother, a few snacks for everyone and of course, mom’s wallet. 

Nothing works better than homemade burp cloths – I don’t know if it’s the quality or the love, but they just work better. This time around, my mom made the cutest set of homemade burp cloths, gender neutral since Baby #3 was surprise until she joined us. These make great thoughtful baby shower gifts as well. Of course, if you don’t have access to homemade, the best burp cloths I have come across are Aden + Anais Muslin Burpy Bibs. They have a snap, transforming them into a large, full coverage bib. 

So, there you have it, just one mom’s opinion. Do you have some absolute, must-haves that have help you get through the first few months of motherhood?? Share them with us! Because we’re all here to help eachother through this crazy journey

Until next time, be well!


Allison Nelson
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