Holiday Traditions: Our Take

The Lake Country Mom team is bringing you our favorite moments and traditions this holiday season. Stay tuned for the full series.

Tara shares her story of tradition.

In 1943 my grandmother boarded a train for Texas. It was cold and the train was packed it took her 2 days to arrive at her destination. Little did she know that what she was doing would shape our families holidays forever. See my grandfather was stationed in Texas for the US Army, during WWII. As my grandmother boarded that train she brought along a permission slip from my grandfathers mother, so they could be married on Christmas Eve.

My grandfather was only 17 years old and my grandma 18 so in order to be married he needed his parents approval. Since as early as I could remember, we would celebrate their anniversary every Christmas Eve. We would always go out for Chinese, and back then that was the only restaurant open. Reading our horoscopes on the placemat and the fortune cookies are reminders of Christmas to me.

Hearing my grandparents love story has been a treasure that I hold close to my heart every holiday. Although we still get together on Christmas Eve it is never the same without the two people that shaped my holidays. My grandfather has since passed and my grandmother can’t be transported as easily.

This would have been their 76th wedding anniversary which is the best gift you can have at the holidays, love…

Happy Holidays,
Tara Lou

What are some of your traditions?


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