Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elf on the Shelf Ideas, Tips and Tricks • The Lake Country Mom


Oh! This is the best time of the year! We started our Elf on the Shelf a few years ago. She became part of our family by arriving in her box with a big bow on top to our door on November 26, 2012. My daughter was delighted! She came with a book telling her story. Our daughter named her “Twinkles Toes.”

So we learned the rules:

  • We do not touch the elf or she will lose her magic.
  • The elf reports to Santa every night to the North Pole if the child was naughty or nice for the day.
  • The elf can be mischievous at times. (Oh is she ever!)

The Magic of the Elf on the Shelf:

The Elf on the Shelf® is a special scout elf sent from the North Pole to help Santa Claus manage his naughty and nice lists. When a family adopts an elf and gives it a name, the elf receives its Christmas magic and can fly to the North Pole each night to tell Santa Claus about all of the day’s adventures. Each morning, the elf returns to its family and perches in a different place to watch the fun. Children love to wake up and race around the house looking for their elf each morning.

There are two simple rules that every child knows when it comes to having an elf. First, an elf cannot be touched; Christmas magic is very fragile and if an elf is touched it may lose that magic and be unable to fly back to the North Pole. Second, an elf cannot speak or move while anyone in the house is awake! An elf’s job is to watch and listen.

Elves typically appear in their families’ homes at the beginning of the holiday season (around Thanksgiving in the U.S.). On Christmas Eve, the elves return to the North Pole with Santa Claus–until next year!

I started doing some research on what the hype was and what people did with their Elf on the Shelf. We decided to put her out on the fireplace mantel the first day and night, to watch over our home. That way she could see what was going on, so she’s able to make the proper report to Santa. Twinkle Toes did leave that night to make her report, but when she came back she got a little bored. I cannot wait to see what she does for the 2015 holiday season!

Here are some of the things she did in the past… some really easy and fun Elf on the Shelf Ideas:


Adopt a Elf on the Shelf for your family today just in time for Christmas! {You will not be sorry!} 

Elf return week is November 27th-December 4th! 

Even better when there are fun options for the Elf on Shelf!









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  1. Caroline (@HiddenToys) says

    These are so funny! We just started Elf on the Shelf this year… but my son is a little over 1 so he doesn’t really get it… I’m looking forward to getting creative with our elf! Twinkle Toes is such a cute name!

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